Seeing Russian Tanks Near His Hometown Was Dreadful. So He Started Creating Anti-War Posters.

PRAGUE, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Not only bullets decide wars. Ukrainian designer Mykola Kovalenko has made one anti-war poster per day since 24 Feb. - the dawn of war in Ukraine. Now they are available as NFTs on OpenSea in a fundraising campaign by International Effectivity.

Another day of war, another unique poster. A firm stance against injustice and violence is a matter of principle for Mykola Kovalenko, an acclaimed and awarded Ukrainian graphic designer. He won't stop until peace is restored in Ukraine.

"I was deeply struck by the invasion. My life motto is 'live to create'. The war directly contradicts my values, representing death and destruction. Therefore, I exert my work to fight it," said Mykola Kovalenko. 

The backstory in this case is a personal one. Mykola had to flee Ukraine in 2015 before finding his new home in EFFE Bratislava, Slovakia. Mykola had a gut feeling that something terrible was cooking in his homeland, where his friends and family reside - and made his very first poster as an anxious anticipation of the upcoming violence. 

The very first poster is one of the rarest in his collection of 120 NFTs. It will be listed as an ultra-rare NFT collectible on OpenSea.

Out of 120 posters Mykola has made so far:

  • 80 are already available for sale as common NFTs for 1 ETH.
  • 40 rare video NFTs are offered for bidding, starting at 1.1 ETH.
  • rare NFTs will include ultra-rares with special connection to the author or war events.

There is a noble deed included: the NFTs are part of a global campaign to raise funds to help war victims. 80% of the generated money will be transferred to a transparent EUR account. Its use will then be decided by a committee consisting of four marketing executives, including the CEO of International Effectivity. The committee will be headed by Mykola Kovalenko himself.

Mykola Kovalenko - chairman of the committee

Dáša Juríková - Brand Hub Director, Slovenská sporiteľňa (Erste Group)

Tatiana Svrčková - CSR Senior Specialist, Slovak Telekom (Deutsche Telekom)

Michal Maruška - Managing director, Ringier Slovakia (Ringier)

Daniel Abrahám - CEO, International Effectivity Group 

"I have exhibited my art worldwide. However, this is my first truly borderless exhibition, thanks to global blockchain technology. And it might even be the most important one, for it has a very significant impact," adds Mykola.

The claim of the campaign is "BLOCK war with art. Start a CHAIN". It's not only a reference to the blockchain, but to the acute need for global compassion too.

And now, a call to action to turn compassion into real help for Ukrainians in need: Mint Mykola's NFTs and generate funds for a good cause. Spread the word about the campaign and join the chain of solidarity that will help block the impacts of the war.

Who is Mykola Kovalenko?

Mykola Kovalenko is a renowned Ukrainian graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in advertising agencies such as Publicis, FCB, LOWE, Saatchi & Saatchi and Effectivity Bratislava. Well known for taking an active stance on social issues, Mykola has initiated a number of international social projects and held numerous solo exhibitions.

Professional associations

  • Member of the Art Directors Club / Slovakia
  • Member of Brno Biennale Association / Czech Republic
  • Honorary Member of the Art Directors Club / Ukraine
  • Member of Ukraine's most highly regarded designer associations «4th Block" 

More than 150 awards

  • Red Dot Award: Communication Design / Germany, TOYAMA / Japan
  • LOGOLOUNGE / USA, Lahti Poster Triennial / Finland
  • Graphic Matters / Netherlands, BICeBé / Biennial of Poster / Bolivia
  • Mut zur Wut / Germany, WOLDA / Italy, Greece, GOLDEN DRUM / Slovenia
  • HOW Poster Design Competition & Awards / USA, GRAPHIS / USA
  • European Design Awards / Greece, ADI Design Award / China
  • GOOD 50X70 / Italy, International Triennial «The 4th Block» / Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of / Ukraine

Jury member

  • International Triennial «The 4th Block» / Ukraine
  • Global Anti-Virus Graphic Design Exhibition / Main jury team / Taiwan
  • STRELKA International design biennale / Russia
  • Biennale trademarks and logos TaMga / Russia
  • Kiev International Advertising Festival / Ukraine
  • ADC*E Awards / Spain
  • ADC*UA Awards / Ukraine
  • KAKADU Awards / Ukraine
  • White Square / Belarus

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Image 1: BLOCK war with art! Start a CHAIN.

Another day of war, another poster. On 24 Feb, 2022. Russia invaded Ukraine. On the same day, Ukrainian graphic designer Mykola Kovalenko started creating a series of posters in support of his homeland.

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BLOCK war with art! Start a CHAIN.