Ultimate Sports, Inc (OTC: USPS) and Sannabis S.A.S., a Colombian Cannabis Company, Announce Agreement with Human Fine, an Occupational Health Service Provider in Colombia with Hundreds of Members, to Prescribe their CBD Magistral Formula.

Sannabis is gearing up for the upcoming legalization of Adult Use Cannabis in Colombia.

Cali-Colombia and Indiana-USA, Sept. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sannabis S.A.S.(‘Sannabis’), a licensed Colombian Cannabis Company being acquired by Ultimate Sports, Inc. (OTC: USPS) (the ‘Company’), a Men’s Health services provider in the U.S., announces an agreement with Human Fine, an established IPS (Institutional Service Provider) in Colombia. Human Fine provides occupational health services to over a dozen major corporations with hundreds of employees in Colombia and is expanding.

Human Fine will prescribe Sannabis’ CBD Magistral Formula at their Health Clinics and hospitals where they meet the occupational health needs for thousands of employees of their client companies. They also have an agreement with hotels that can act as hospitals to bring in patients from abroad. For more information on Human Fine, visit their website at www.humanfine.com.

Sannabis is one of a few companies in Colombia with a Magistral Formula for a cannabis medicine that can be prescribed by physicians and Health Clinics. This formula was developed for Sannabis by Clever Leaves, a NASDAQ listed company, and is fabricated by LABFARVE.

Sannabis will be making additional announcements about new international orders, production chain updates, patent updates, the upcoming National Cannabis Congress invitation and recognition, and many more progressive achievements.

“We’re very excited to enter the next chapter of Cannabis Legalization in Colombia and are proud The Sannabis Wellness Center will be the model to be used for other Centers dispensing Medical and Adult Use Cannabis responsibly throughout Colombia,” stated Juan Pablo Guzmán and John Campo, co-founders of Sannabis.

Sannabis, and affiliated companies, hold all four cannabis licenses: Seed Use, THC-Cultivation, Non-THC (Hemp)-Cultivation, and Fabrication/Export. Copies of all 4 licenses available at https://www.sannabis.co/nuestras-licencias

Ultimate Sports, Inc. will acquire Sannabis S.A.S. and initiate a name change at closing, becoming the only Colombian controlled Cannabis company trading in the U.S.

Ultimate Sports, Inc. will continue developing their Men’s Health Services business and incorporate Sannabis products for Men’s Wellness. The Company will be sharing more details in the very near future.

About Sannabis S.A.S.

Sannabis roots began in Colombia in 1996 when partner, Juan Paulo Guzmán, inspired by European initiatives, began investigating the use of industrial cannabis. This was during a time of turmoil when leftist guerillas were in constant battle with the Colombian Army. Ironically the industrial use of cannabis was a topic both sides were in favor of, and both allowed Mr. Guzman access to the Cauca Mountains to grow cannabis. A timeline can be seen at https://www.tallerlibre.org/historia In 2014, Mr. Guzmán partnered with New Colombia Resources, Inc. (NCR) to form Sannabis S.A.S. to develop a medical marijuana company. At the time, NCR President, John Campo, was making headlines promoting a cannabis legalization movement in Colombia, https://www.semana.com/medicamentos-legales-derivados-del-cannabis-marihuana/199474/ From there, Sannabis was formed to work with indigenous tribes in the war-torn Department of Cauca to assist them in growing their native plant and transforming it to medicinal products. A constitutional sentence allowed indigenous tribes to grow and transform their native plants, like cannabis, into finished products. For more information, visit www.sannabis.co.

About Ultimate Sports, Inc.

Ultimate Sports, Inc.'s Men’s Advanced RX Online Medical Clinic provides licensed physicians to diagnose and treat male health and wellness issues using a new standard of care for men that simply don't have the time or want to avoid the potential embarrassment of sitting in a men's ED clinic waiting for diagnosis and treatment. MENS ARX recognizes time is valuable and that patients can't always get time off from work or family life to visit a doctor's office. The use of online face-to-face video technology provides patients with real-time interaction with a licensed physician. Patients can confidentially discuss any men's health or wellness issue with a licensed physician and, if appropriate, and after diagnosis, Men’s Advanced RX can prescribe medication via mail order or a local pharmacy. Ultimate Sports is also seeking strategic mergers and acquisitions. www.mensarx.com.

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