ZeroFox Exhibits at FS-ISAC Europe, Sharing Solutions and Best Practices for Addressing Growing External Cybersecurity Threats

Baltimore, Maryland, UNITED STATES

-  On Sept. 13, ZeroFox’s Brian Kime will lead a conversation titled “Planning is Indispensable: Tools to Ensure TI Success”

-  ZeroFox will exhibit at booth #24

MADRID, Spain, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZeroFox, a leading external cybersecurity provider, will attend FS-ISAC Europe September 13-15, demonstrating recent product innovations in threat intelligence, digital risk protection, and breach response at booth #24. Conference attendees can join ZeroFox’s Vice President of Intelligence Strategy and Advisory, Brian Kime, tomorrow, September 13th at 3:15 pm local time, for a presentation on essential planning tools for threat intelligence programs.

The financial services industry remains both a top target for cybercrime and a top customer cohort for ZeroFox. ZeroFox continues to observe security incidents using varying tactics for financial services customers, including phishing and fraud campaigns, impersonations on social media, mobile apps, domains, and leaked information on the dark web. As threats to the financial services sector continue to rise across the surface, deep and dark web, ensuring organizations have a protection program focused outside the perimeter is critical.

“As cybercriminals shift tactics to exploit new technologies like cryptocurrency and web3, security practitioners need to come together to prepare and fight back against an onslaught of threats outside the perimeter,” said Brian Kime, Vice President of Intelligence Strategy and Advisory for ZeroFox. “There has never been a more important time for intelligence-driven cybersecurity, and I could not be more excited to be at FS-ISAC Europe this week, presenting best practices for building strong threat intelligence programs.”

ZeroFox will be onsite at FS-ISAC Europe showcasing enhancements to the unified external cybersecurity platform, focused on the unique challenges facing today’s financial institutions:

  • Phishing and Fraud Detection spanning social media, surface, deep and dark web, to detect and remediate phishing kits, malicious domains, social media scams, fake accounts and apps.
  • Intelligence Search of ZeroFox’s vast threat indicator data lake with datasets spanning botnets, exploits, compromised account credentials, domains, ransomware, threat actors, and other dark web sources to support investigations.
  • Executive Protection for top financial executives seeking situational awareness of cyber and physical threats, whether targeted or within a specific geographic location.
  • Global Intelligence Feeds that provide easy API access to data and context for fraud, identity, vulnerabilities, dark web intelligence, botnets and other sources to integrate into the existing security technology stack.
  • Requests for Intelligence automation that enables customers to securely submit and correspond with ZeroFox intelligence experts for support of investigations, assessments, and other intelligence needs.

ZeroFox representatives will be onsite at booth #24. For all media inquiries related to ZeroFox, or to schedule a meeting during FS-ISAC Europe, please email

About ZeroFox
ZeroFox (Nasdaq: ZFOX), an enterprise software-as-a-service leader in external cybersecurity, has redefined security outside the corporate perimeter on the internet, where businesses operate, and threat actors thrive. The ZeroFox platform combines advanced AI analytics, digital risk and privacy protection, full-spectrum threat intelligence, and a robust portfolio of breach, incident and takedown response capabilities to expose and disrupt phishing and fraud campaigns, botnet exposures, credential theft, impersonations, data breaches, and physical threats that target your brands, domains, people, and assets. Join thousands of customers, including some of the largest public sector organizations as well as finance, media, technology and retail companies to stay ahead of adversaries and address the entire lifecycle of external cyber risks. ZeroFox and the ZeroFox logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ZeroFox, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Visit for more information.

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