Smarter Alloys powers new accelerated treatment technology in G&H SureForce orthodontic archwires

Shorter time in braces makes bigger smiles for patients

Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accelerated orthodontic care is now more accessible to all through a new partnership announced today between Smarter Alloys and G&H Orthodontics. Under the partnership, Smarter Alloys will add proprietary Multiple Memory Material (MMM)™ technology to G&H’s trusted lineup of nickel-titanium orthodontic archwires to create biomechanically optimized appliances. The new G4 Niti with SureForce® Technology archwires from G&H accelerate orthodontic treatment by delivering ideal forces for correcting malocclusions at any tooth. The result for patients is less time in braces, fewer visits to the orthodontist, and reduced patient discomfort during treatment. G&H expects to make SureForce-treated wires available to clinics in the United States and Canada by the end of the year.

“The SureForce Technology represents the evolution of materials science from the introduction of Ni-Ti archwires nearly forty years ago,” said John Voskuil, CEO of G&H Orthodontics. “As the leading supplier of orthodontic archwires, G&H believes the G4 NiTi with SureForce Technology provides orthodontists with the most advanced archwire ever developed for improving patient experience.”

Smarter Alloys uses the MMM process to laser-program the G4 Ni-Ti archwire with a distinct stiffness profile across the dental arch. This provides biomechanically optimized tooth moving forces in a single wire, compared to conventional appliances which can require a series of three or more wires to achieve the same result. The outcome is a more efficient treatment protocol, which means less time in braces for patients.

“We’re excited to partner with G&H Orthodontics to expand the application of our technology in the dental market,” said Ibraheem Khan, Smarter Alloys CEO. “We continue to develop new and exciting applications of our technology to improve lives.”

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Smarter Alloys is at the forefront of the smart materials revolution. Our unique ability to program shape memory behaviour into microscopic regions of materials allows complex machine-like function from simple devices. This Multiple Memory Material™ technology enables a transformation in the design and utility of shape memory alloys used in medical, dental, automotive, aerospace and consumer industries. Founded in 2010 and based in Cambridge, Ontario, Smarter Alloys is a privately controlled Canadian corporation. For more information, visit

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