South Africa Lawn Mower Market Report 2022: Integration with Advanced Technologies like AI and IoT to Stimulate the Market - Forecasts to 2027

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South African region is forecasted to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 7.35% during the forecast period of 2022-2027

Factors like a shift from manual to automated tools, the development of green spaces and green roofing technology, and the government's providing several fleet funding schemes for promoting increased usage of environment-friendly outdoor garden equipment, along with supportive policies for manufacturers, are responsible for inclined market growth in the region.

Gardening and lawn mowing activities saw an increase in demand as many people took up gardening as a hobby during lockdowns, which fuelled the growth of the lawn mower market as they are the major components responsible for well-maintained lawns. Tandem Industries for lawn mowers is a major manufacturing company that has a great presence in the South African region.

Moreover, global players such as Dennis Mowers have their own dedicated presence there. There are many suppliers, like Honeydew lawn mowers, who are selling lawn mowers for the global giant companies like Stihl, along with lawn mowers from local manufacturers like Tandem.

Recent developments such as the launch of Ceora lawn mowers by Husqvarna for small residential as well as large commercial spaces with integration with advanced technologies like AI and IoT are going to stimulate the market for lawn mowers in emerging economies like South Africa.

The walk-behind lawn mower is estimated to have a higher market share during the forecast period due to its simpler structure and functionality. Due to the increased effort these mowers require, they're best kept aside for small lawns that are no more than half an acre in size and owners who don't mind the exercise this entails.

Walk-along mowers are versatile and come in more variations than ride-on mowers, with qualities and features for every budget. Ride-on mowers are mainly suitable for larger lawns of a few acres in size. They are basically of a gas-powered nature, as they can keep you going for longer without the need for a fill-up. The other types are robotic ones, which grow at the fastest rate among the product types due to the recent developments in technology and the availability of facilities like GPS in them.

The residential segment is anticipated to have a higher market share due to increased urbanisation and to increase the aesthetic appeal of the property, which will lead to higher adoption of walk-behind lawn mowers and robotic lawn mowers, especially for smaller areas.

Higher construction and infrastructure activities in government and other private commercial properties, along with increased penetration of outdoor sports like cricket, rugby, golf, and football, have fuelled the market for lawn mowers in the commercial segment.

Based on the fuel types, gas-powered lawn mowers are estimated to have a larger market share during the forecast period by holding more than 42%. However, due to rising carbon emissions and environmental pollution from these types, alternative fuel options such as propane-powered lawn mowers for larger lawns and electric and battery ones for smaller to medium-sized lawns are witnessing a significant surge.

Moreover, manual-powered mowers are also expected to grow despite being the conventional ones in the residential sector as lawns are not very large and they can easily be handled with them with even less physical exertion.

The rear-wheel-drive type segment accounted for the maximum market share of more than 68% during the estimated period. AWD types are expensive and suited for uneven, sloppy terrain as they make use of all four wheels that are grounded on surfaces that maintain their balance. FWD types are suited for flat surfaces and not for sloppy terrain, but they are quite cheap.

This leads to higher growth of RWD types as they are not very cheap nor very costly and they are suited to a variety of surfaces with traction benefits. Standard blades are also referred to as 2-in-1 blades that have the ability to cut and discharge or clip the grass into the bag.

However, increasing awareness and adoption of mulching blades regarding their added advantages of soil fertility is anticipated to hamper their market during the forecast period, with an increasing trend being observed for mulching blade lawn mowers.

Aspects covered in this report

  • South Africa lawn mowers market with its value and forecast along with its segments
  • Various drivers and challenges
  • On-going trends and developments
  • Five force models.
  • Top-profiled companies
  • Strategic recommendation

Considered in this report

  • Geography: South Africa
  • Historical year: 2016
  • Base year: 2021
  • Estimated year:2022
  • Forecast year: 2027

By Product type

  • Walk behind lawn mowers
  • Ride-on lawn mowers
  • Robotic lawn mowers

By End-User type

  • Residential
  • Professional Landscaping services
  • Golf Courses
  • Government and others

By the Fuel type

  • Manual-powered
  • Gas-powered
  • Propane-powered
  • Electric corded
  • Electric-cordless

By Drive type in the report

  • All wheel drive (AWD)
  • Front wheel drive (FWD)
  • Rear wheel drive (RWD)

By Blade type

  • Cylinder Blade
  • Standard Blade
  • Mulching Blade
  • Others (Lifting Blade)

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