ThinPrint Expands ezeep Blue offering with Free cloud printing for teams of up to ten people

Small businesses and startups now have access to easy-to-setup and easy-to-use free cloud printing solution with ezeep Blue Free

BERLIN and DENVER, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThinPrint, the leading enterprise print management expert, today launched ezeep Blue free, offering a new licensing structure of its cloud printing solution that has been adapted for the needs of today’s businesses. The solution is available at no cost to teams up to ten users. For companies with larger teams or special requirements for their print environment, three additional new tariffs with tailored performance features are also now available.

The demands and requirements placed on IT environments in today’s workplace are in a constant state of flux. According to studies conducted by analysts Quocirca in 2021 and 2022, 20% of companies want to move their IT infrastructure completely to the cloud by the end of 2025, and 41% want to move it predominantly to the cloud. Some 42% of respondents say they are now working in a zero-trust environment. With the updated ezeep licensing plans, ThinPrint now offers a solution for all these requirements.

Developed for small teams and startups, the ezeep Blue Free version delivers a solid range of functions with print management tools free of charge. For example, users can rely on print support for more than 6,000 printer models and can select and assign their own suitable printers in configurations that best fit their organization’s needs. To use these printers, the user does not have to install a single printer driver — it prints 100% driver free. Cloud printing is possible with Chromebooks, Macs or Windows computers, Android or iOS devices, and web browsers. Local printing from remote desktops is also supported.

For those other organizations with more extensive requirements, such as user-authenticated printing and automated printing, or printing support in a zero-trust environment, there are suitable licensing plans starting at $2.75/named user per month. ezeep Blue Free will replace the free standalone ThinPrint Cloud Printer app.

"We're excited to be able to offer small businesses and teams a powerful free printing solution with a feature set that is suitable for small businesses, as well as to continue to provide license packages for more advanced requirements," said Charlotte Künzell, CEO of ThinPrint GmbH. "With ThinPrint, companies can do away with their print servers, print mobile, user-authenticated, from Azure Virtual Desktop, in automated workflows, on label or nominal office printers, or enable secure printing on their zero-trust network. There is almost nothing that can't be done with ezeep Blue."

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About ezeep

The future of printing is ezeep. With ezeep, printing is dramatically simplified, enabling any device to print to any printer – whether with the ezeep printer driver from PC or Mac, via app for smartphones and tablets or even by web-based drag & drop for the occasional user.

Consumers print unlimited and – naturally – free-of-charge to their own printers and, depending on the provider, free or at a cost to external printers. This makes printing as easy as making a phone call, eliminating the need for any user support.

Companies can lower the infrastructure demands on their printer setups in branch offices worldwide, thanks to ezeep, drastically simplifying their administration. With this, the total costs for deploying printers is significantly reduced.

Coworking spaces, universities, exhibition grounds, train stations, airports and kiosks can not only make their printers publicly available with just a single click, but also charge for printing with ease. The same applies to private users or cafés which want to share their printers with others. Printers are thereby transformed into sources of income, not costs.

Open interfaces enable integrations with existing solutions, such as for user and resource management, cost control or compliance monitoring for maximum cost savings via automation. A constantly growing ecosystem of standard integrations by development partners makes these benefits also available to non-technical users.

By reducing costs and removing all technical requirements, whilst providing the ability to use third-party printers at any time, ezeep ensures that in the future people will be able to print from almost every location quickly and easily, for whatever reason they might have.

ezeep is committed to minimizing the CO2 footprint of printing and ensuring that printed paper can be a meaningful, productive and responsible alternative to screen-based information consumption.

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