Koa Health Expands Its Workplace Wellbeing Content Offer With Upcoming New Workplace Confidence Programs for Employees

London, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Koa Health is a leading provider of personalized, accessible and effective digital-first mental health solutions. Passionate about building optimum care, they help to create healthier, happier workplaces through a wide range of workplace mental health and wellbeing services.

Koa Health are delighted to announce the inclusion of new programs on their Koa Foundations app, focussed on Workplace Confidence. Research shows that feeling confident can increase performance by up to 28%. The programs will be based on an evidence-based model of confidence called the Embodied, Dynamic and Inclusive (EDI) model of confidence, researched and published by Dr Anna Kane.

Koa Foundations is a digital-first, self-help app that delivers a rich library of exclusive bite-sized tools and interventions that are designed to drive personalized, positive mental health outcomes and long-lasting changes in employee behaviours.

Marketed as ‘evidence-based mental health in your back pocket’, the app’s content, which is grounded in science, helps people to explore and deal with topics such as stress, poor sleep, anxiety, low self-esteem and more, through evidence-based techniques. In randomised controlled clinical trials, The Koa Foundations app has been shown to reduce anxious thoughts by 23%, reduce sleep problems by 33%, increase life satisfaction by 16%, and improve resilience by 10%, all within just two weeks of use.

Below, we outline how the Koa Foundations mental health and wellbeing app works, and detail how companies are using it to help their employees manage stress, sleep better, and take care of their mental health:

An app with a rich library of exclusive bite-sized tools and interventions, that helps teams to build the skills they need to manage stress and become more resilient:

1 in 5 employees experience moderate to high levels of stress. With the demand for mental health services expected to exceed supply by up to 15,600 psychiatrists by 2025, employers across the globe are recognising the urgent need for workplace wellbeing and mental health solutions.

Koa Health’s diverse, cross-functional researchers, data scientists, clinicians and engineers collaborate with leading institutions to build evidence-based solutions that meet users’ mental health needs. One such example is their Koa Foundations mental health and wellbeing app.

Ranked by ORCHA as a leading app for stress and anxiety, the Koa Foundations mental health and wellbeing app helps employees to:

Ramp up resilience

Everyday stress can impact quality of life and productivity. The Koa Foundations app delivers personalised content suggestions based on the areas that employees would like to work on, to handle everyday stress more effectively through tried and tested exercises.

Keep calm

Life inside and outside of the workplace can become hectic, especially during challenging times. The app has built in activities, curated by experts, to help employees relax and disconnect, to keep calm, gain control of their sleep, and to practice mindfulness.

Dig deeper

Understanding personal causes of stress can help employees make positive changes to their behaviours. With the Koa Health mental health and wellbeing app, employees are motivated to keep track of what provokes stress, challenge their thoughts and practice thoughtful communication.

Why companies are choosing the Koa Health mental health and wellbeing app as a way to support their people:

It’s fair to say that employee wellbeing has never been so widely understood and respected. Historically reserved for forward-thinking companies with big budgets, in a digital-first world, technology has made mental health and wellbeing tools more accessible and affordable than ever.

The Koa Foundations mental health and wellbeing app enables employers to make genuine, positive commitments to support their people who are experiencing mental health issues, stress and anxiety. Short, evidence-based audio, video, article and slide activities and exercises can help employees work with their thoughts, relax and disconnect, improve sleep and even deal with Covid-19 related stress.

From better staff retention and increased employee engagement, commitment and productivity, to a more resilient, happier and healthier workforce, investing in staff wellbeing and bringing mental health to the forefront of the conversation is a must in today’s challenging world.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/koa-health-expands-its-workplace-wellbeing-content-offer-with-upcoming-new-workplace-confidence-programs-for-employees/


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