Chooch to feature Computer Vision for Smart Cities at ITS World Congress

Chooch offers a complete AI vision platform and API for transit systems and critical infrastructure in transportation industry

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ITSWC2022 -- Leading AI Computer Vision Platform, Chooch, will showcase Computer Vision for Smart Cities at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles, September 18-22, 2022. Featuring a complete Vision AI platform, with end-to-end solutions from autonomous labeling to model training to an API specifically geared towards transit systems, Chooch AI will demo Computer Vision for the transportation industry at booth #2134 in the Innovation Zone.

Co-Founder and CEO of Chooch Emrah Gultekin will speak about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled computer vision is now ready to transform the entire transportation industry. Transportation environments are constantly in flux; AI technologies now enhance situational awareness for the safety and security of people, goods, and equipment. AI powered Computer Vision can automatically detect problems, accelerate response times, and provide the real-time alerts necessary to proactively manage transit systems and critical infrastructure.

The rollout of 5G is going to be the catalyst for a true digital transformation in urban planning and resource allocation. Edge AI opens the door to solve infrastructure headaches, help deliver public services, and provide more efficient health, safety, security and traffic management.

Before Chooch, developers needed to bundle and code different deep learning and inference components in order to train, test and deploy a single model. Now, Chooch offers a complete no-code/low-code platform by combining multiple steps into a scalable solution, sending visual information to a prediction engine and using the output for easy-to-use applications in real time. Chooch clients include Fortune 500 companies and the US Government, and a wide range of partners including NVIDIA, Deloitte, HPE, Red Hat , Intel, Convergint, among others.

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Chooch is the only AI computer vision (CV) platform that instantly detects specific visuals, objects and actions in video images, including critical anomalies, immediately comprehending their significance and instantly putting in motion pre-programmed responses to them – all in a fraction of the time a human being could even notice there might be an issue. To test Chooch please go to

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