MetaWorks Selected to Develop Web3 Art Auction Platform and Digital Marketplace for The Royal House of Medici™

MetaWorks will help reimagine Renaissance art, creating a platform for artists and collectors to own and appreciate contemporary works of art.

Fairfield, CA., Sept. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. (“MetaWorks” or the “Company”), (CSE: MWRK and OTCQB: MWRK), an award-winning, full-service web3 blockchain platform provider, is pleased to announce that The Royal House of Medici Holdings, Inc., (“The Royal House of Medici”) has selected MetaWorks to develop their Web3 art auction platform and digital marketplace.

MetaWorks is developing the infrastructure to transform modern interpretive works of digital and physical art, photography, mixed media, and limited-edition prints onto a Web3 auction platform and digital marketplace.

“MetaWorks is excited to use its Web3 infrastructure and technology to bring art into the future alongside The Royal House of Medici. This reimagining of Renaissance art and post-modern work will inspire a new wave of artists and provide a revolutionary digital platform for people to own, collect, appreciate, and share contemporary works of art,” said Scott Gallagher, President.

"The legacy of the Medici dynasty is our brand. Patrons of the arts; leaders, innovators, and thinkers who defined the Renaissance,” said Marquis Patrick Bonney, Co-Founder & CEO.

“We are excited that MetaWorks is developing the platform which will enable the Digital Renaissance 3.0," said Richard Entrup, former Global CIO/CTO at Christie's and MoMA and Strategic Advisor handling Artist Relations and Curation at The Royal House of Medici.

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MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. (CSE: MWRK and OTCQB: MWRK) is an award-winning full-service blockchain and Web3 development platform that empowers Fortune 5000 brands to create and monetize their metaverse.

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