Seoul Robotics Introduces Industry’s Most Accurate Wrong-Way Driving Detection System

Solution harnesses 3D technology to detect and respond with near-perfect accuracy

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seoul Robotics, the company powering the future of autonomy through smart infrastructure, today introduced Wrong-Way Detection (WWD), an industry-leading ITS solution developed to detect and alert instances of wrong-way driving. The solution is engineered to be highly accurate, cost-effective, and can be installed in less than a day. WWD utilizes LiDAR sensors and a LiDAR Processing Unit equipped with Seoul Robotics’ patented 3D perception software, SENSR™. The life-saving system is currently being deployed on U.S. freeways and highways in California, Florida, and Tennessee, as well as in Europe and Asia.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, between 2015 and 2018, there were more than 2,000 deaths from wrong-way driving crashes on highways. When wrong-way driving is detected on roadways and highway on-ramps equipped with WWD, visual and audio signals are triggered to instantly alert the driver, enabling them to immediately self-correct and prevent collisions. If the vehicle fails to reverse course, the WWD system automatically triggers a video recording that feeds into customer reporting dashboards, developed by third parties such as MH Corbin, which notifies customers and shares to a central monitoring center to alert local officials.

"Smart city technology has the power to save lives, and Seoul Robotics is dedicated to developing the industry's most advanced smart solutions to improve road safety," said Jerone Floor, Vice President of Products and Solutions at Seoul Robotics. “Accurate, actionable insights delivered in real-time can make all the difference in high risk situations. ITS solutions like Wrong-Way Detection play a pivotal role in helping governments and authorities keep drivers safe.”

WWD is a highly flexible solution that can be used for close or long range proximity based on installation and location requirements. A single LiDAR sensor is able to cover a range between 40m to 200m in order to manage a four-lane off-ramp and filter wrong-way movement as slow as only 3mph. WWD relies on Seoul Robotics’ 3D data which is more granular and accurate than 2D camera data, resulting in significantly fewer false positives compared to traditional or thermal and AI color camera based systems.

A recent test of WWD analyzing 100,000 vehicles generated only one false alarm, making the solution 99.9998% effective, compared to alternative 3D detection systems which have only reported up to 70% accuracy. In normal operations on a multi-lane highway ramp, WWD is capable of generating less than one false positive per week, while capturing every wrong-way event, including vehicles slowly backing up to change lanes.

"Seoul Robotics can deliver versatility and accuracy utilizing their SENSR software, making Wrong-Way Detection one of the most reliable solutions on the market," said Bill Corbin, President of MH Corbin. "This technology is critical to creating safer, smarter roadways, and we're proud to be part of the solution."

WWD is powered by Seoul Robotics’ proprietary SENSR software which is equipped with deep learning and can detect, track, and classify hundreds of objects simultaneously within 4 centimeter accuracy. The software is specifically engineered to use light-weight algorithms, programmed to filter for wrong-way movement data from 3D sensors, gaining highly accurate insights without significant computing power or cost. Additionally, SENSR features weather-filtering AI capabilities ensuring the highest level of accuracy, day and night, in all conditions, including heavy snow and rain.

Seoul Robotics will be showcasing Wrong-Way Detection and its full suite of 3D perception-based ITS solutions at the ITS World Congress on September 18-22, 2022. Visit stand #1818 at the LA Convention Center to learn more about the company’s field-proven technology for ITS, smart cities, autonomous mobility, and more.

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