Kennected Repositions as Provider of Sales Enablement Software

Indianapolis, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indianapolis, Indiana -

Kennected, a company that offers a SaaS-based marketing software, has recently repositioned themselves as a premier provider of first party data solutions and they want to be identified as a provider of a sales enablement software. The move is in response to the slow down in the economy that results in companies moving away from improvement based software to software that can help them in generating leads and in increasing revenue. With their number one LinkedIn outreach platform for driving leads, they firmly believe that they are well positioned as a provider of sales enablement software that can help companies who want to intensify their marketing efforts as the economic slowdown offers a chance for them to increase their market share.

They want to point out that sales enablement has to do with providing a company’s sales team with the necessary tools, information, and content to assist them in boosting the effectiveness of their sales efforts. According to Gartner, a sales enablement platform can be classified into two categories: content management for sales teams to provide to every lead and best methods and research for the internal consumption of the sales and marketing teams.

Sales Enablement Software by Kennected

Meanwhile, a sales enablement strategy will have designated sales enablement technology and software for streamlining such efforts. And a sales enablement team can provide assistance in developing the strategy and ensuring that members of the sales and marketing teams know their roles in this particular process.

A good sales enablement strategy will typically have the following elements: ongoing sales training to make sure that sales enablement is functioning properly; a solidified sales strategy; sales coaching with emphasis on key sales enablement terms; content creation for every phase of the buyer’s journey; good customer relationship management; and sales managers and sales operations collaborating with each sales representative.

With Kennected’s automated prospecting software that uses the LinkedIn platform, entrepreneurs and business owners can have a powerful sales enablement software. With the Kennected software, businesses can apply LinkedIn’s Boolean search to find their exact target customers. With this tool, users will have their own dedicated IP address, delay between actions, smart limits, an auto-warm feature, and blacklisted contacts.

The system is cloud-based, which means that users don’t have to turn on their computers for Kennected to run the lead generation tool. This tool functions as a prospecting tool that is always running in the cloud, or on particular times as specified on the user’s settings. With its auto-warm up feature, new customers begin with a lesser number of invites and messages as a way to warm up the account as a strategy to grow their LinkedIn network safely. Over time, the daily campaign limits will grow gradually, thus mimicking human behavior. And also as a way to keep the account safe, users are restricted to a maximum of 100 invites and 360 messages in one day. Kennected will also withdraw pending invites automatically to ensure that the account will look good for LinkedIn.

The Kennected lead generation tool works with LinkedIn Basic & Sales Navigator to ensure that the user’s lead generation efforts are simple and automated. Users can send their connection requests easily and follow up automatically one-by-one as if users are sending them manually.

Established in 2018, Kennected is a software as a service (SaaS) company that is focused on developing software tools for lead generation, education, and automation as a way to help business owners and entrepreneurs simplify their marketing efforts. For instance, they have the Lead Flow Mastery education software that teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to master the use of LinkedIn, particularly with regards to personal branding, copywriting, how to apply their innovative marketing software, and building relationships. They have also developed a tool for automating prospecting and outreach activities using LinkedIn automation. And they provide their help to all kinds of companies of various sizes to generate leads that will become new customers with the end result of increasing their revenue.

Those who would like to know more about the LinkedIn enterprise sales tool and understand further what is sales enablement can check out the Kennected website or call them on the phone.


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