Quantropi Announces General Availability of its QiSpace™ Quantum-Secure Cryptography Platform, Unique IoT Offerings, More Major Milestones

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Asymmetric encryption product MASQ™ provides Novel PQC Algorithms, full support for NIST PQC Finalists, significantly outperforms NIST PQCs

All QiSpace cryptographic capabilities commercially available for IoT and Embedded Devices

Canadian quantum communications start-up continues accelerating technological advancement and business growth

OTTAWA, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantropi, Inc., today announced that its newest quantum-secure cryptographic product – MASQ™ – is now commercially available through the Canadian start-up’s flagship QiSpace™ Hybrid SaaS platform. MASQ™ offers novel PQC algorithms for Key Exchange (KEM) and Digital Signature (DS). With this announcement, Quantropi becomes the only quantum communications company in the world now offering all three prerequisites for “TrUE” end-to-end quantum security: Trust (quantum-secure asymmetric encryption via MASQ™), Uncertainty (quantum-secure symmetric encryption via QEEP), and Entropy (quantum key generation and distribution via SEQUR™).

The company also announced the launch of QiSpace™ for the IoT / embedded space, with all three TrUE quantum-secure cryptographic products now commercially available on market-leading microcontroller units (MCUs), including ST Micro H7 and Microchip SAM V71 (specifically for the automotive and aerospace industries) providing compatibility with the Microsoft Azure IoT Platform.

“We’re extremely excited to be here at Quantum.Tech in London announcing these major product releases,” said James Nguyen, CEO of Quantropi. “The quantum threat known as Y2Q is fast approaching: companies need to start hardening their cryptographic defences immediately, and only our TrUE QiSpace™ platform provides a complete quantum security solution.”

“Our novel asymmetric PQC algorithms radically outperform all other NIST finalists,” said Michael Redding, CTO at Quantropi. “For Key Exchange, MASQ™ provides up to 38x smaller keys while executing 5x to 8x faster than CRYSTALS-Kyber. For Digital Signature, it provides an astounding 160-byte NIST Level V signature, that is up to 180x smaller than NIST Digital Signature finalists.” Added Redding: “It’s a total game-changer.”

These announcements cap another period of continued growth and achievements for the young company, which has raised $10M in seed funding to date, has 8 patents granted with another 10 pending, and published over 20 peer-reviewed academic papers, including in such esteemed publications as Springer and Nature Scientific Reports. A recognized innovation powerhouse, Quantropi has also marked the first-ever implementation of symmetric encryption on a quantum computer, has quantum-secured commercial VPN and file sharing applications, and is now a NATO Approved Supplier.

Quantropi will showcase QiSpace™ and its TrUE quantum-secure cryptographic products during Quantum.Tech in London, September 20–21, 2022, at Booth E5.

About Quantropi, Inc.

A Canadian start-up founded in 2018 with a vision to defend Truth and Trust, Quantropi is bound to be the standard for end-to-end quantum-secure communications and encryption. The company’s next-generation technology works over today’s Internet, enabling enterprises to begin immediately transitioning to permanent quantum security, with minimal investment in new hardware or infrastructure. The company’s flagship QiSpace™ hybrid SaaS platform is uniquely capable of all three criteria for complete cryptographic integrity: Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy – or “TrUE” – providing organizations, product managers, and application developers with quantum-secure cryptographic functions to protect data, networks, and systems.


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