Lakewood, CO, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KRTL Holding Group, Inc. (OTC: KRTL), an innovator and pioneer in developing industry-leading cross-over tradecraft and proprietary technology and methodology in the hemp, cannabis, psilocybin, and alternative wellness sectors, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, KRTL Biotech (“KRTL”) has progressed the strategic alliance with ENTEXS Corporation (“ENTEXS”), a Made in the USA industry-leading cannabis and hemp extraction technology manufacturer focusing on advanced end-to-end solutions and creator of a best-in-class THC Remediation technology. KRTL will join ENTEXS at MJBizCon Las Vegas in November 2022 to unveil the final design of their mobile extraction unit. There will be a live demonstration showing conference-goers an up-close look at the closed-loop, proprietary technology in action with details regarding the production and operation of the ENTEXS MINI 9 extraction system, a slightly smaller version than the system to be used in the mobile extraction lab.

MJBizCon has grown to be an industry staple, anyone who’s anyone will be there, and we have prime floor space to show off what our ENTEXS extraction technology can do. Having KRTL join us to demonstrate their plans for the mobile extraction rollout strategy and what they’re doing in the psilocybin space regarding planned formulation is an exciting prospect and something we’re thrilled to be a part of,” said Emil Bayan, COO of ENTEXS.

As part of the KRTL and ENTEXS alliance, the mobile extraction lab isn't the only thing to be discussed during MJBizCon. KRTL will reveal some of its planned psilocybin-based formulated products to launch into the newly legalized Oregon Psilocybin Market, set to kick off in early 2023. The KRTL-ENTEXS strategic alliance signed earlier in the month has been amplified and accelerated as ENTEXS has already been conducting R&D on the extraction of psilocybin and made their work available to KRTL with proprietary technology customized and optimized for psilocybin extraction. This functionality will roll out with the KRTL mobile extraction lab as it goes live, creating a full-suite solution supporting THC, CBD (among other cannabinoids), and now psilocybin.

“This is a great opportunity for us to show-and-tell what we’re doing, not only the progress from the work put into KRTL so far this year, but the massive momentum that’s been building in the past few months as more come on board and add their skill, expertise, and IP to the mission at KRTL. ENTEXS fits that bill to a T, quickly integrating their expertise and leveraging their own R&D and IP toward that mission so that everyone at the table wins. We’re excited to see where this goes and MJBizCon is the perfect milestone to celebrate some of these first fruit accomplishments,” said Daniel Ball, CEO of KRTL.

Closely related to these developments is the work KRTL is doing in South Korea under the Hemp Regulation-Free Zone; having been approved as a foreign advisor and having psilocybin research approval by the MFDS, KRTL International continues pushing KRTL priorities. They will introduce critical technologies as part of the KRTL-ENTEXS alliance, like THC Remediation. Remediation targets THC specifically, providing a mechanism to reduce or eliminate THC while retaining CBD and most other broad-spectrum cannabinoids in the finished distillate. Remediation allows manufacturers to make products of varying CBD concentrations without the psychoactive side effects. It's important to note that dilution of the product is not remediation. ENTEXS' proprietary RMD-T Series achieves industry-leading THC remediation benchmarks with cost-effective technology, boasts a CBD loss rate below 5%, has a USDA-certified organic catalyst, and is scalable alongside enterprise operations. Competitive alternatives see loss rates that are 3x to 10x higher than this amount or that cannot scale with any cost-effectiveness. This dilution effect isn't a concern using the RMD-T Series, capable of even remediating Mother Liquor down to non-detect with low loss rates. This technology will reinforce KRTL's leadership in South Korea and mitigate any regulatory concerns for other producers in the Hemp Regulation-Free Zone as the final legal framework finalizes for the rest of the country in the coming months and years.

Kai Kim CEO of KRTL International added, “We are very pleased with this partnership. First, we can advance our trial ambitions. Second, we can capture a lucrative THC opportunity in the United States with a mobile lab and we are introducing disruptive remediation technology timely into South Korea.”

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