Benevis Supports Jackson Community in Crisis with Safe Dental Care, Clean Water, and Supplies

Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces, the two Benevis locations in Jackson, donated funds and toothbrushes to the community and supported local team members with bottled water

Jackson, Miss., Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces, a Benevis kids-first family dentistry practice with two locations in Jackson, Miss, has continued to safely serve and support the Jackson community throughout the local water crisis. 

Both Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces locations in Jackson remained open and continued to provide safe dental care to the community during the water emergency. Following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), water used for dental exams and treatments by Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces meets or exceeds standards for water quality. While city water remained unsafe for consumption, Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces used only purified distilled water from a closed bottle system. Dental water lines are equipped with waterline cartridges that provide safe, compliant dental unit water purification. 

“As the Jackson water crisis lasted for over 7 weeks, it remained vitally important to maintain excellent safety standards as we continued to serve the oral health needs of the community,” said Dr. Dale Mayfield, Chief Dental Officer for Benevis. “Having strong quality assurance and support systems in place through the affiliation with Benevis, the Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces practices were able to remain open and continue to provide dental care to our valued patients in the community.” 

In addition to ensuring the community had continued access to high quality dental care, Benevis and Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces donated $2,500 and 1,500 toothbrush kits to the Jackson Free Clinic located on 925 Martin Luther King Drive. The local office teams were also supported as Benevis shipped pallets of bottled water to ensure employees were able to have safe drinking water to use during the workday and to take home for personal use.  

“We are proud to continue to serve the dental health needs of our Jackson community as we have for 15 years, and we wanted to do our part in helping area residents and our employees. By providing supplies, financial support, and a safe place to receive basic dental care, we hope we have provided a small amount of relief for our fellow Jacksonians,” said Bryan Carey, CEO of Benevis.  “We are happy to see water service has been restored, and we look forward to many more years of service to the community.” 

Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces is a Benevis partner practice and serves 12,000 children in the Jackson community, 90% of whom utilize Medicaid benefits. Benevis is a leading dental support organization (DSO) for practices focused on kids-first, family dental care and orthodontics. 

For more information on safe water practices at Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces and resources during the Jackson water crisis, visit

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Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces opened in 2007 and is dedicated to helping children and families, making sure all children have access to dental care services. Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces is committed to reducing the need for future extensive dental work and keeping kids healthy through preventative dental care and a range of community and educational programs. Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces employs 120 team members and 11 dentists through its five locations in the state of Mississippi. For more information visit  



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