BitMart Innovates with Exclusive “Vote to Earn” NFT

NFT holders will have the ability to vote on potential listings for the exchange and reap airdrop rewards for winning votes.

Jersey City, NJ, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, BitMart is excited to announce the launch of its “Vote to Earn” NFT, an exclusive NFT that allows account holders to vote on potential listings for the exchange. By purchasing a “Vote to Earn” NFT on BitMart’s NFT Marketplace, prospective and current BitMartians will help decide projects that should be listed on the exchange.

Why Vote?

BitMartians are rewarded with a guaranteed airdrop of tokens that provides real value to trade or sell, startup projects get public support and listing on a top 10 exchange, and BitMart gets to make sure that its newly listed projects are in high demand.

How Does Someone Participate?

It’s as easy as purchasing a “Vote to Earn” NFT on the BitMart NFT Marketplace and selecting a favorite project from the Voting page, which only NFT holders can access. Projects that reach the voting threshold will be listed on BitMart within ten business days, and voters will receive an airdrop of those project’s tokens during the same period.

Why Is an NFT Necessary?

Because NFTs are non-fungible, every vote from users for a potential project can be counted and verified as a unique ”yes” in favor of that project being listed on BitMart. In this way, everyone involved can be assured that projects are receiving legitimate votes from distinct real users who have had to pay for an NFT to see their vote cast and recorded.

What Projects Will Be Listed?

BitMart will continue to vet and perform due diligence on the quality of projects listed on the exchange. For a “Vote to Earn” project to list and give users an airdrop of tokens, it must meet a threshold of popularity with users while also passing strict listing requirements. BitMart remains committed to listing high-quality projects that users want.

A New Era in User Participation Begins

As the premier altcoin exchange, BitMart is interested in improving its customer experience, receiving input from BitMartians about what projects they would like to see listed on the exchange – and rewarding them for their winning vote.

Voting matters, and now it’s non-fungible. Read the user guide for all the details on BitMart’s brand-new “Vote to Earn” NFT, and stay tuned to official social media channels for more updates and announcements regarding this exciting product.

About BitMart

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