Markaaz and Nav Partner to Provide Embedded Financing Solutions for Small Business Owners

The partnership provides Markaaz Dashboard members access to Nav’s curated financing options based on their specific business qualifications

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nav Technologies, Inc. (“Nav”), the leading free, financial health platform for small businesses, today announces a partnership with Markaaz, where small businesses come to verify and improve their essential business data. The partnership allows Markaaz members to see curated options from over 70 different lenders and 90 credit card issuers embedded in the Markaaz Dashboard. Powered by Nav’s AI technology, Markaaz members can now access customized financing options with just one click, simplifying the application process, slashing the time for onboarding, and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Nav has helped over 1.6 million small businesses through the difficult lending landscape by providing an open platform to access capital based on real-time qualification data. With Nav’s embedded financing solution, Markaaz members can now see financing options from Nav’s network of lenders and credit card issuers, streamlining processes and guiding small business owners through all their financing needs. Nav allows small businesses to see their eligibility before applying, saving Markaaz members from painful rejection and wasted time—all within the existing Markaaz Dashboard. 

“With today’s uncertain market conditions, small businesses are faced with increased challenges of high inflation, increasing interest rates, and a growing competitive recruiting pool. This can put a strain on many businesses' understanding of where to go for the capital they need to survive,” said Greg Ott, CEO of Nav. “We’re excited to partner with Markaaz to continue our goal to create transparency and certainty for small business owners for an easier borrowing experience. Nav’s ability to use a business’ data to make capital and credit choices simple, paired with Markaaz’s additional reach and ability to empower their members to be in control of their data, allows both companies to serve small business owners better.”

The collaboration with Nav allows Markaaz members to apply for the financing they need without the hassle of searching for documents or omitting important information. This partnership saves small business owners time and effort, as well as enables a clearer path to funding success. Markaaz is now positioned to engage its directory of over 115 million business owners and connect them with the financing they need at the click of a button, utilizing Nav’s AI technology.

The Markaaz platform is an All-in-One command center that allows small businesses to manage their Cashflow, Sales, Business Score, Secure Vault, Social Media, Business Resource Guide, and Access to Capital all within one platform. Markaaz is enabling its Enterprise Partners to onboard faster, lower cost of acquisition, and reduce attrition and losses with its state-of-the-art real-time monitoring systems.

“With the Markaaz Dashboard, we are empowering owners to have the kind of business data readily available that will have their funding applications go places,” said Hany Fam, Founder & CEO of Markaaz. “Markaaz is your always-on virtual partner who points you in the right direction before and during the lending process, including identifying the right documentation you need, but also actively monitoring the most important aspects of your business.” He added: “We’re excited to partner with Nav to help save businesses valuable time and money, so they can focus on why they got into business in the first place.”

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Nav is the largest marketplace of curated financial products for small businesses. By using real business data and proprietary scoring, Nav gives small businesses more transparency in finding the right loan or credit card option. Nav offers a unique, financial health platform showing credit and cash flow insights alongside recommended financing options. Nav’s platform also seamlessly integrates within other software and websites, making it the leading embedded finance solution for SMBs. Learn more about Nav’s embedded solutions at

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