SmartConnect Chooses BrandMuscle for Brand Management to Help Customers Explore Health Insurance Options

Leading Medicare Enrollment Service Leverages BrandMuscle to Equip HR Clients With Co-Branded Marketing Materials to Help Employees Explore Medicare

CHICAGO, Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmartConnect, a first-of-its-kind service specializing in connecting businesses to Medicare, has chosen BrandMuscle for their brand management needs. SmartConnect offers Medicare enrollment services to companies of all sizes across the U.S. as an extension of their HR and benefits departments. BrandMuscle’s proven brand management capabilities will enable SmartConnect’s internal team to create customized, co-branded marketing materials on Medicare education, resources, and enrollment services, tailored to each of SmartConnect’s over 1,000 partners.

Based in Kansas City, MO, SmartConnect helps businesses become stronger advocates for the Medicare-eligible adults they employ. Adding SmartConnect’s Medicare enrollment services to corporate benefit offerings helps companies retain talent by demonstrating the long-term value provided to the senior employee. SmartConnect works with people individually to uncover cost savings and additional benefits — backed by over a decade of industry leadership.

Until now, SmartConnect’s internal team had been customizing their marketing assets manually. Their previous brand management system was not robust enough to provide efficient levels of customization, including accommodating a partner-specific URL feature. With BrandMuscle, SmartConnect will be able to scale and easily market to each of their partners’ Medicare-eligible employees, using customized emails and brochures that feature such variable fields as the corporation’s name, logo, HR department contact information, and a dedicated SmartConnect URL for each company.

BrandMuscle also brings its 20-year-history working in such highly regulated industries as healthcare, financial services, and insurance. Medicare involves sensitive user information, and BrandMuscle provides SmartConnect with proven experience delivering the kind of brand- and legal-compliance that is needed in the healthcare industry.

“Medicare can seem confusing, especially for people who are used to employer coverage,” says Vanessa Henry, VP of SmartConnect. “The good news is that we make understanding Medicare easy, and help people uncover potential savings and additional benefits, all at no cost to the business or individual.”

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About SmartConnect

SmartConnect is an exclusive program created specifically for Medicare-eligible, working or retiring adults and their family members. HR professionals can refer employees to SmartConnect and rely on this program for clear, accurate information about Medicare options and benefits. SmartConnect’s team of licensed agents focus on the needs of employees by comparing their employer coverage to a variety of Medicare options to unlock potential benefits and savings, all as an extension of a company’s benefits offerings. Learn more about SmartConnect:

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