Purpose Advisor Solutions Partners with Origin Wealth to Help Improve the Client Experience for Financial Advisors

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading technology platform and practice management provider, Purpose Advisor Solutions (“PAS”), and new disruptive portfolio management startup, Origin Wealth (“Origin”), today announced a partnership to deliver an improved client experience for financial advisors. Together, Origin will leverage PAS’s innovative technology and Origin’s Nobel-Prize-winning economic science to modernize the Canadian wealth management sector.

“We see an opportunity to create a compelling alternative in an industry that can be confusing and out of touch with investors,” says Cameron Langlois, CEO and Founder of Origin. “That means challenging every aspect of the status quo, from technology, to education, to how we build relationships with and empower investors and advisors. We’ve partnered with Purpose Advisor Solutions to place our investors’ experiences, and their lives, above everything else.”

Through this partnership, Origin benefits from access to PAS’s Advisor Wealth Platform, which helps manage everything from portfolio analytics to compliance, allowing portfolio managers on the Origin team to devote time more where it counts – working with investors. By streamlining their operations with PAS’s technology platform, Origin can turn its focus to employing a disruptive experiential learning method, informed by Nobel-Prize-winning economic science, to help educate people about investing.

“When we look at the wealth management industry, we see so much room for innovation and education — which is what Purpose and Origin do best. Technology should be an enabler, not a rival, for financial advisors trying to demystify investing and spend more time with their clients,” says Jeff Gans, CEO of Purpose Advisor Solutions. “Our goal is to offer financial advisors modern, innovative tools that allow them to do just that.”

This partnership enables Origin Wealth to use the PAS platform to accelerate their growth while providing an industry-leading digital experience to their clients.

“Adopting PAS’s tech platform was like jumping 20 years into the future. Instead of taking three or four days to open a client account after submitting paperwork, our partnership with Purpose allows us to generate account numbers immediately and seamlessly. We have ambitious goals to reinvent the financial sector, and this partnership is a big step in the right direction,” continued Langlois.

“At the end of the day, we’re entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Origin’s mission aligns with our core focus - to continue to modernize and innovate the wealth management industry, creating better outcomes for all investors. We’re excited to work together to make this vision a reality and to continue to advance industry technologies and education alongside Origin,” Gans concluded.

About Purpose Advisor Solutions

Purpose Advisor Solutions is an innovative financial technology firm providing modern client and practice management technology and services for independent portfolio management and financial advisory businesses in Canada. Our end-to-end solution simplifies the advisor practice and makes it easier for clients to access better service in order to achieve their financial goals. Purpose Advisor Solutions is a subsidiary of Purpose Unlimited. For more information, please visit: www.purposeadvisorsolutions.com

About Origin Wealth

Origin Wealth is a portfolio management firm based in Vancouver that is driven to elevate human performance and provide an investing experience that empowers Canadians in their decision-making. Its mission is to transform people’s relationship to money from scarcity to abundance. The company is using a disruptive experiential learning method rooted in Nobel Prize winning economic science to educate people about investing. For more information, please visit www.originwealth.com.


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