New Creatopy Survey Reveals 10 Holiday Shopping Predictions for 2022

Leading ad design platform Creatopy has released a new study helping brands get insight into the end-of-year holiday season when it comes to shoppers' preferences and behaviors.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Creatopy's study of over 1,100 U.S. respondents reveals consumers' shopping intentions for the upcoming holidays. Based on their responses, the team put together a forecast to help businesses adapt their campaigns for these crucial marketing events.

The complete survey can be downloaded here: 10 Holiday Shopping Predictions for 2022.

Key takeaways: 

  • Consumers to Start Early With Their Shopping This Year
    Creatopy's survey reveals that most respondents want to start shopping a month before the holidays (29.38%), and a considerable share intends to begin as many as two months ahead (19.97%). Some plan to do their shopping two weeks (11.42%) ahead or even closer to events, but the trend is to get it done sooner.
  • Inflation Might Not Have a Huge Impact on Holiday Spending
    When the respondents were asked how worried they were about inflation impacting their holiday shopping on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being very worried and 5 being not worried at all), almost half of them (49.17%) replied with either "somewhat worried" or "very worried." There is indeed a level of concern about inflation. Still, it might not be enough to translate into a decrease in holiday spending, especially since consumers plan to start shopping early and spread their expenses across a few months.
  • Multiple Sources of Inspiration for Holiday Shopping
    Word of mouth is the most popular source of inspiration for holiday shopping (52.05%). Businesses must offer quality products or services if they want customers to spread the word about them. U.S. consumers also get ideas of what to buy from relevant online ads (40.63%), meaning retailers have a big chance to drive purchases this holiday season by investing in digital advertising campaigns. Another significant force that drives interest in different items is social media (35.14%). Besides running ads on various platforms, companies should also post content regularly and get influencers or creators to promote their products.

Bogdan Carlescu, VP of Marketing at Creatopy, said: "During the end-of-year holidays, shopping activity peaks. It is usually a time of indulging for consumers, which leads to high revenues, primarily in the retail industry. This year is shaping out to be different, especially due to inflation and geopolitical instability. To gain insight into consumers' plans and preferences for the holiday season, we surveyed over 1,100 individuals throughout the U.S. We hope the findings will help businesses build effective advertising strategies for the coming months." 

About Creatopy:

Creatopy is an ad design platform that helps businesses customize, automate and scale up their ad production and delivery.

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Creatopy survey offers 10 holiday predictions for end-of-year holidays

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Creatopy - 10 Holiday Shopping Predictions for 2022