Owl Cyber Defense and Votiro Partner to Protect Secure Networks Against File-Borne Threats Hidden in Content

The Combination of Data Diodes, Cross Domain Solutions, and Content Disarm and Reconstruction Offers Unmatched Security to Ensure Network Protection and Secure File Transfers

Columbia, MD, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Owl Cyber Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross domain, data diode, and network cybersecurity solutions, today announced a partnership with Votiro, a category leader in Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) that enables organizations to safely access content with complete peace of mind, ensuring zero interruption to business. The partnership between Owl and Votiro provides global government ministry organizations with an all-in-one solution to securely communicate across networks at differing security levels and transfer files into a secure network without risk of malware penetration.

The joint, all-in-one solution is a combination of Owl’s hardware-enforced, one-way data diodes and cross domain solutions along with Votiro’s CDR solution. Recommended by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), data diodes and cross domain solutions protect air-gapped networks and provide secure, one-way data transfers between networks at differing security levels without introducing new threat vectors. Votiro’s CDR solution is integrated into the data diodes and cross domain solutions to analyze and sanitize files before they pass through the data diode into the secure network, preventing any unauthorized threats from harming the network.

“We are really excited to extend the range of cybersecurity protection we offer our customers with the addition of Votiro’s CDR capability”, said Scott Coleman, VP of Product Management at Owl. “The value proposition for the combined solution is straight-forward – create absolute network protection and segmentation using hardware, and once it is locked down only allow clean, sanitized files in. This is part of our strategic direction to expand protection and integrate with our customer’s existing cybersecurity stack.”   

Organizations around the globe with a need to transfer files into a secure network can benefit from this joint solution. Common use cases include:

  • Securely receiving files like contracts, engineering drawings, and medical claims from a third party via a web page to an IT network
  • Securely transferring confidential data, MS office, archives, and cyber security feeds from an IT network to an isolated government network
  • Securely transferring financial files from bank clients to a secure collaboration system

“Votiro is excited to join forces with Owl Cyber Defense to provide the most secure data diode and cross domain solutions on the market”, said Henry Frith, VP of Customer Success & Sales Engineering. “The combination of Votiro’s 12 years of global experience as a leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction provider and Owl’s 20 years in network protection securing the world’s most critical networks, provides unparalleled security experience. The two teams will continue to work together to improve the security posture of our combined customers.”

To learn more about this solution, view the solution brief here. Additionally, join Scott Coleman, VP of Product Management at Owl, and Henry Frith, VP of Customer Success & Sales Engineering, on Thursday, September 29 at 12:00pm EDT as they discuss “Defending Networks Against Hidden Threats in Files”. Register for the event here.


About Owl

Owl Cyber Defense cross domain and data diode network segmentation solutions provide hardened network security checkpoints for absolute threat prevention and secure data availability. Certified by the U.S. government, independent testing authorities, and international standards bodies, Owl technologies and services help to secure the network edge and enable controlled unidirectional and bidirectional data transfers. For over 20 years, clients worldwide in defense, intelligence, and infrastructure have trusted Owl’s unmatched expertise to protect networks, systems, and devices. https://owlcyberdefense.com/

About Votiro

Founded in 2012 by leading file security experts, Votiro is a category leader in CDR and trusted by governments and large enterprises, including top Fortune 500 companies, to safely access content with complete peace of mind, ensuring zero interruption to business. Headquartered in the United States, with offices in Australia, Israel, and Singapore, Votiro delivers cloud-native file sanitization services to mid-market and enterprise organizations. For more information about Votiro, please visit https://www.votiro.com.



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