Uber, Lyft, Square, ScyllaDB & Google Engineers on the P99 CONF Agenda

The free virtual event, hosted by ScyllaDB, offers 50+ highly-technical talks for engineers obsessed with high performance and low latency

PALO ALTO, Calif. and HERZLIYA, Israel, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ScyllaDB, the company behind the ScyllaDB database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency, today announced the agenda for P99 CONF 2022.

P99 CONF is a highly-technical conference where top engineers share how they are tackling their toughest high-performance, low-latency challenges. Focus areas include Rust, Go, event streaming architectures, databases, Linux, virtualization, observability, and Kubernetes – all with an emphasis on open source software. The two-day event is free, purely virtual, and highly interactive.

This year's event features 50+ sessions from engineers at Uber, Lyft, Square, ScyllaDB, Google, Red Hat, Oracle, RedisLabs, Microsoft, and more.

Keynotes include:

  • Gil Tene (Azul Systems): Misery Metrics & Consequences
  • Liz Rice (Isovalent): Using eBPF for High-Performance Networking in Cilium
  • Malte Ubl (Vercel): Ultra-Low-Latency Web Rendering on the Edge
  • Dor Laor (ScyllaDB): P99 Pursuit
  • Charity Majors and Ian Smith (Honeycomb): Performance Tuning with Precision
  • Bryan Cantrill (Oxide Computer Company): Sharpening the Axe: The Primacy of Toolmaking
  • Avi Kivity(ScyllaDB): How a Database Looks from a Disk's Perspective

Additionally, some of the most-anticipated sessions on the agenda include:

  • Steven Rostedt (Google): Analyze Virtual Machine Overhead Compared to Bare Metal with Tracing
  • Omar Elgabry (Square): Square Engineering's "Fail Fast, Retry Soon" Performance Optimization Technique
  • Pavlo Stavytskyi (Lyft): Measuring the CPU Performance of Android Apps at Lyft
  • Cristian Velazquez (Uber): Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go Garbage Collection Tuning at Uber
  • Ron Pressler (Oracle): Why User-Mode Threads Are Good for Performance
  • Armin Ronacher (Sentry, Flask framework): Overcoming Variable Payloads to Optimize for Performance

The vendor-neutral, community-focused event is organized and hosted by ScyllaDB. P99 CONF offers a core subset of talks focused on low-latency distributed data – sharing engineering strategies from RedisLabs, Percona, Redpanda, QuestDB, TiDB, RavenDB, DragonflyDB, RageDB, and ScyllaDB.

For the full agenda and to register for P99 CONF, visit p99conf.io.

About ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB is the database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency. It enables teams to harness the ever-increasing computing power of modern infrastructures–eliminating barriers to scale as data grows. Unlike any other database, ScyllaDB is built with deep architectural advancements that enable exceptional end-user experiences at radically lower costs. Over 400 game-changing companies like Disney+ Hotstar, Expedia, FireEye, Discord, Crypto.com, Zillow, Starbucks, Comcast, and Samsung use ScyllaDB for their toughest database challenges. ScyllaDB is available as free open source software, a fully-supported enterprise product, and a fully managed service on multiple cloud providers.

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