Zenhub Releases the Industry’s First Software Developer Happiness Report

The report provides insight into developer priorities, challenges, and needs, along with specific recommendations for project leadership and developer teams

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenhub, the leading productivity management solution for software teams, today announced it has released the 2022 Software Developer Happiness survey report, focusing on the priorities, goals, and challenges of software developers. This inaugural report provides insights into what software developers look for in their careers, organizational culture, and the tools they use to complete their jobs. The 2022 Software Developer Happiness survey report can be downloaded here.

“Now more than ever, a happy development team is critical to a business’s bottom line,” said Aaron Upright, Zenhub’s co-founder “However, we found there was almost no existing data on what makes developers happy and satisfied at work. This report quantitatively demonstrates a connection between developer happiness and the technologies and tools they use every day. We’re excited to give engineering leads pragmatic, definitive recommendations they can use to immediately improve the happiness of their team, and, ultimately, its productivity.”

This survey aims to understand how developers view their world and what makes them happy and fulfilled in their careers. Zenhub surveyed 380 English-speaking software developers throughout March 2022. Key findings include:

  • Developers are happiest and stay at their jobs longer when allowed to focus on building code
    • Developers prefer digital interactions to in-person meetings
    • Developers love their teams, but have a more nuanced perception of their management teams, as management is often viewed as negatively impacting developers’ time
    • Developers felt the pandemic strengthened their team productivity rather than reducing it
  • Good work-life balance encourages developers to stay at their current job for longer periods of time, while poor work-life balance accelerates the hunt for another job.
    • 71% of developers haven’t decided how long they’ll stay with their current employer.
    • 33% of developers have stayed in a job longer than they normally would have due to the pandemic.

  • Collaboration challenges are the biggest impediment to developer productivity
    • The amount of meetings developers are forced to attend results in less productivity and less developer happiness;
    • Delays in feedback results in lost productivity; nearly 70% lose a minimum of 3 hours per week per developer
    • 75% spend at least an hour per week on reporting instead of writing code
  • Developers say their biggest priority is to ensure their software keeps up with the business’s demands
    • Developers want to spend most of their time coding and less time in meetings
  • The vast majority of developers want high-performance productivity tools
    • Performance is paramount
    • The vast majority (93 percent) believe these tools are critical to their success

In addition to these detailed survey findings, Zenhub provides specific recommendations based on these results for developers and project management leaders to optimize the Developer Experience. CTOs, engineering managers, project management leaders, and others can find out more by downloading their own copy of the survey report here.

Over 8,000 software-focused startups, high-growth companies, agile teams, and open source projects use Zenhub’s productivity management solution to deliver software innovation faster. Zenhub helps strategic firms foster effective communication among team members, set goals, plan with greater transparency and participation, and ship software releases more predictably. Interested parties that wish to learn more about how Zenhub helps its customers boost developer productivity while delivering transformational value can click here for more information.

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