Secure and Trusted — Honeygain the Only Passive Income App to Pass Antivirus Checks

Finding from an internal audit show that Honeygain is the only Internet-sharing application to pass antivirus scans and get whitelisted by major antivirus software companies.

LONDON, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plenty of online money-making scams have perpetuated the notion that all technology is evil. Until Honeygain, the world's first crowdsourced web intelligence network, proved it is not always the case. The free Internet-sharing passive income application received zero flaggings from numerous antivirus software for malicious activities, making Honeygain the only secure application among its competitors.

After initiating an internal audit, the company performed an in-depth analysis of detectability by antivirus programs. Hence, Honeygain resolved any arising issues and was whitelisted by major antivirus software companies. Currently, the company is distributing the newest version of their installer which passes all of the antivirus scans.

Honeygain provides its users with a trusted service that lets them earn money passively by sharing their Internet connection. Honeygain has adopted such security measures as bandwidth encryption, 2-step factor authentication for payouts, and strict KYC standards for its operations that help to ensure the traffic is only routed via their user's devices by trusted and reputable partners. Therefore, Honeygain is the only Internet-sharing application in the market, having no risk factors identified by various antivirus programs. 

In accordance with the good practices of the most popular antivirus software like Kaspersky, Avast, Microsoft, McAfee, and many more, Honeygain ensured the safe usage of the application for its users by safeguarding them against potential risks. The application was tested to allow the exclusive execution of trusted files and block both known and unknown threats. Thus, Honeygain maintains its technological security policy and disallows accidental security issues. 

It is a massive step for the company to be approved in this area as Internet-sharing applications are still a trailblazing development among technology enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the interest in such applications is rising annually, and millions of users are joining these platforms.

Along with the additional security measures to protect the users against malicious files, Honeygain never asks permission to access devices or any private data and encourages its potential users to use the official download links. Honeygain's Support team is dedicated to answering any users' questions in this regard and educates the users about the importance of staying safe online. 

The supplied Internet connection powers Honeygain's crowdsourced web intelligence network. It helps businesses improve operations as the bandwidth is used to collect and analyze online data and perform price comparisons, ad verification, and marketing checks.


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