Grieg Seafood ASA: Proposal on Norwegian resource tax

Bergen, NORWAY

Reference is made to the press release 28 September 2022 from the Norwegian Government.

The Norwegian Government proposes to introduce a resource tax in the amount of 40% on salmon farmed in Norwegian ocean territory for volume above 4-5,000 tonnes with effect from the tax year 2023. The proposal does not yet contain all details and is still subject to a public hearing as well as approval by the Norwegian Parliament.

Grieg Seafood will assess how the proposal will impact the Group’s business and strategy, should it be adopted in the current form. While this assessment is conducted, the Group has put new investments on hold.

About Grieg Seafood
Grieg Seafood ASA is one of the world's leading salmon farmers. Our farms are in Finnmark and Rogaland in Norway, and British Columbia as well as Newfoundland in Canada. Our headquarter is located in Bergen, Norway. Grieg Seafood ASA was listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange in June 2007. More than 750 people work in the company throughout our regions.

Sustainable farming practices are the foundation of Grieg Seafood's operations. The lowest possible environmental impact and the best possible fish welfare is both an ethical responsibility and drive economic profitability. Towards 2026, we aim for global growth, cost improvements and to evolve from a pure salmon supplier to an innovation partner for selected customers.

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