Quine Reaches Significant Milestone, First Ever Graph to Process Over One Million Events Per Second

Streaming Graph Breaks Through Critical Performance Barrier Outpacing Competition

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- thatDot, Inc., the pioneer in streaming graph event processing software, today announced that Quine streaming graph, their real-time graph data processor for ETL pipelines, shattered all existing graph performance benchmarks by processing 1 million events per second, enhancing its real-time capabilities to sub-milliseconds.

While most graphs top out around thousands of events per second or less, Quine can process over 1 million simultaneous writes and also execute the equivalent of over 1 million four-node graph queries simultaneously.

To benefit the developer community, Quine has published the results and actual test code so that others can reproduce the benchmark and tailor it to their use cases for their own business benefit. You can view them here.

“Quine is not just a game changer for graph data workloads, but for event stream processing as well, and the breakthrough of over 1 million events per second is significant for our users,” said Ryan Wright, CEO, and Founder of thatDot. “Quine’s ability to find deep insights in vast amounts of fast-moving data, and to do so on commodity hardware, without months or years of custom development, transforms the data processing landscape.”

"What thatDot has achieved with Quine is impressive, and it's not surprising that they've achieved it using Apache Cassandra as the backend database," said Vikram Bhambri, vice president of product management at DataStax. "The ability to process graph workloads at the scale and with the reliability Cassandra users expect can open up a new category of real-time use cases."

Available under both open source and enterprise licenses, Quine, launched earlier this year, combines complex pattern-matching with real-time stream processing scalability to help developers and data pipeline engineers rapidly build high volume, real-time, complex event processing workflows at scale. Quine snaps into existing data pipelines, consuming from and publishing to systems like Kafka and Kinesis for easy integration, and has proven successful across many use cases, including financial and credential fraud prevention, insider trading prevention, XDR/EDR, real-time asset graphs, cloud infrastructure monitoring, and network observability.

To get started with Quine, visit GitHub and the Quine website.

About thatDot

thatDot is the pioneer of complex event processing software that captures the full value of massive amounts of streaming data for advanced AI and ML applications. thatDot’s portfolio of software includes Quine, an open-source streaming graph solution for event-driven applications. Investors in the company include Hale Capital, Oregon Venture Fund, and CrowdStrike.

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