Trinity University (San Antonio) Dedicates New Home for Humanities and City’s First Higher Ed Mass Timber Building

San Antonio, Texas, UNITED STATES

San Antonio, TX, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trinity University (San Antonio) commemorated the grand opening of its newest classroom building—the University’s new home for the Humanities and San Antonio’s first higher education mass timber building. The university hosted a ribbon-cutting celebration for the many generous donors who made this building possible, along with the Board of Trustees, including the city’s mayor and university alumnus, Ron Nirenberg. 

“This building is an investment in those who matter most—Trinity University’s students,” says Trinity University President Vanessa B. Beasley. “Dicke Hall boldly represents Trinity’s commitment to the Humanities, which are foundational to a modern liberal arts education.”

The Humanities have been studied for centuries and are alive and flourishing at Trinity. These disciplines, such as English, philosophy, and religion, allow insight into the experiences—past and present—of other societies and individuals. They help us to understand the common ground we share. And they provide a meaningful resource when we are faced with challenges both big and small. 

Through Dicke Hall, Trinity is putting a modern spin on how these timeless academic disciplines are explored. This building serves as a gathering place for students and faculty to exchange ideas and gain understanding—concepts that are so desperately needed in today’s world. Dicke Hall is the final addition to the university’s Chapman-Halsell-Dicke Complex—the largest construction project the University has undertaken.

Trinity is also proud to feature San Antonio’s first higher education mass timber building. This new sustainable structure combines beauty and sustainability in a unique structural system that reduces the building’s impact on the environment. It incorporates the latest green solutions and sustainability practices that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), save energy and water, and introduce landscape designs that are 100% native plants. Read full details on the new sustainable structure and how it will reduce the university’s impact on the environment



Grand Opening Dicke Hall

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