First Global Infrastructure for Customer Due Diligence – KYC Hub Empowers Companies to Make Better and More Efficient Risk Decisions

London, UK, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KYC Hub is a global, multi-lingual platform and infrastructure that delivers increased efficiency and substantial cost reduction with an AI and automation-based infrastructure for industries including crypto, retail and investment banking, asset management, payments, real estate, gaming and gambling.

As the first global infrastructure specifically designed for automation of customer due diligence, risk assessment, and to empower companies to make better and more efficient decisions, KYC Hub’s single platform empowers you to reduce processing time, perform due diligence on individual and business customers, monitor customers and their transactions, automate account opening, compliance and reporting, perform enhanced checks, and streamline the entire customer onboarding and monitoring process in one secure place.

Their configurable risk and compliance infrastructure, along with their cutting-edge technology, including deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotic process automation, enables end-to-end customer due diligence for any use case, while saving your company substantial cost and time in the process.

Setting The New Standard

KYC Hub is a SaaS platform for global customer onboarding, monitoring and compliance that enables faster and more accurate due diligence on real persons and legal entities by an integrated, full-stack, modular, and automated approach.

Powered by KYC Hub’s knowledge graph (FinCAI) that delivers world-class key data and relationship insights, their hundreds of modular verification APIs enable building tailored due diligence flows for different industry use cases and risk profiles.

Their secure platform utilises AI and intelligent automation-powered infrastructure to drive account opening, onboarding, risk assessment, and screening throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The software also has the ability to ensure global ID Verification by using advanced AI and machine vision algorithms to detect fake IDs and match customers’ faces with ID documents through the use of video and image analysis, that along with data insights, enables companies to mitigate the risk of fraud and financial crime.

Instead of applying inefficient and costly, “tick-in-the-box” approaches that lack intelligence and lead to an increase in AML and KYC costs and fines, KYC Hub take a multi-factored risk-based approach by using their own data to draw insights and use an integrated system for entity onboarding and monitoring.

This process ensures AML Checks, is faster and less costly (due to less manual work AI/automation, the overhead of multiple vendors, and risk of false positives) and is significantly more accurate because of risk-based monitoring and data insights.

To put these factors into figures, KYC Hub has achieved a 95 – 98 % reduction in false positives, a 90 % reduction in alert volume, a 40 – 80 % reduction in operational costs, lowered onboarding time to less than a day from six weeks and have achieved a 2.5 to 4 times increase in onboarding volumes.

The team at KYC Hub understands that each day customer drop-offs and poor risk assessment can cause lost revenue, skyrocketing costs, and increase the risk of fines.

As a result, KYC Hub’s innovative system enables companies to balance front office pressures while also having reliable protection against fraud and money laundering through their highly configurable solution and Transaction Monitoring Software that empowers organisations to perform due diligence based on their use case and risk factors.

Additionally, KYC Hub delivers increased accuracy with a sophisticated customer risk rating engine and a state-of-the-art financial crime knowledge graph that provides real-time risk insights, while also helping provide KYC Crypto protection, that prevents platforms from illicit activities like money laundering, and terrorist financing, by applying the same stricter compliance standards to crypto exchanges and wallets, as enforced by other financial institutions.

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