Now NSF-Certified, ThermoPop 2 Has aLarger, Easy-to-Read 1¼” Diameter Display with Big, Bold Digits, Accurate to ±1°F with a Certificate of Traceability to National Standards,Now Fully Waterproof,While Maintaining a Consumer-Friendly Price

American Fork, Utah, Sept. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThermoWorks, purveyor of professional temperature tools to the world’s top commercial kitchens and discerning home cooks and home of the world-famous Thermapen® announced today the release of ThermoPop 2, a significant upgrade to the critically acclaimed ThermoPop digital instant-read thermometer. ThermoPop 2 comes with the same molded-in seals, easy-grip head, and bright button-activated backlight of the original ThermoPop. But it has a completely redesigned and patented display that automatically rotates in 90° increments depending upon the orientation of the unit, so you can hold it in either your left or right hand in any position—even upside-down—and the display will always be right-side up. The display face is also now 40% larger in diameter and easier to read, with big, bold digits that can be read at a glance from near or far, all while boasting a 20% slimmer profile

In addition, ThermoPop 2 delivers faster temperature readings (now 2-3 seconds for a full reading) and higher accuracy (±1°F). It is also now fully waterproof, with an IP rating of 67, and features easy one-button simplicity, a 2-year warranty, and a NIST-traceable certificate with test data verifying the accuracy of each individual unit. All of these improvements help ThermoPop 2 provide a better temperature measurement experience for home cooks and commercial chefs alike when they are cooking their favorite foods and making critical decisions in the kitchen about doneness or verifying holding temperatures on the line.

A New Era for Inexpensive Instant-Read Thermometers

“With consumers, restaurants, and food processing operations thinking more about doing more with less these days, the launch of ThermoPop 2 couldn’t be more timely,” says Randy Owen, Founder and CEO at ThermoWorks. “ThermoPop has been so popular due to its unique form factor, and we’ve found a way to extend that and deliver a lot more value at the same low price point as the original. The redesigned display is a game-changer. We’ve doubled both the speed and the accuracy and made it more durable, so chefs will be more efficient.”

Building on the Acclaim of the Original ThermoPop

A decade ago, ThermoPop shook up the instant-read marketplace with its performance and innovative lollipop-shaped design that made it so easy to grab and hold. Some of the many accolades ThermoPop has garnered over the years include “Best Inexpensive Digital Thermometer” by Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen, “Best Instant-Read Thermometer” by Wirecutter/New York Times, and “Easiest-to-Use Thermometer” by the editors at Good Housekeeping.

New and improved features and benefits of the ThermoPop 2 include:

  • 2-3 Second Super-Fast® Temperature Readings for quick decision making when it counts
  • Temperature Accuracy Verified to ±1.0°F for more control over your food and more confidence in delivering perfect results in the kitchen
  • Motion-Sensing Auto-Rotating 1 ¼-inch Display knows which way is up and rotates in 90° increments so you can read it in any position
  • Backlit Display at the push of button for low light conditions like the back of the oven or outdoor grilling in the evening
  • Waterproof Rating IP67 for protection against spills, splashes, and even full immersion in water
  • Verifiable Accuracy with a NIST-traceable Calibration Certificate so you know the temperature you see is the real temperature of your food
  • NSF Certification for easy approval in your operation's procurement process

Verified Accuracy You Can Trust 

ThermoWorks is known for maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance in its products, including operating an A2LA-accredited calibration lab at its headquarters.

Each ThermoPop 2 is NSF Certified and comes with its own NIST-traceable calibration certificate with actual test data verifying its accuracy to national standards. For an additional charge, individual unit calibrations can be renewed annually in the ThermoWorks calibration laboratory.

ThermoPop 2 is available immediately priced at $35 through It is available in multiple colors, including red, blue, black, white, green, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. To watch an introductory video, please visit: For more information, please visit: or call 801-598-5365.

About ThermoWorks

Based in American Fork, Utah, ThermoWorks brings scientific precision and robust industrial design to professional temperature tools for food safety and culinary excellence. The preferred brand among leading chefs and demanding operations, ThermoWorks sells directly to national chains, restaurants, food processors, and consumers. Customers have direct access to expert instrument consultants and a full technical support team. An advanced NIST-Traceable calibration lab assures ThermoWorks products meet the highest performance standards. 



Verified Accuracy to Within ±1°F (±0.5°C) in Just 2-3 Seconds Motion-Sensing Auto-Rotating 1 ¼-Inch Backlit Display

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