X2E Pioneer TIA joins TOKEN 2049 to Strengthen Relationships with Partners

Singapore, Singapore, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  TIA, the pioneer of X to Earn, also known as X2E, attends Token2049 in Singapore, the premier cryptocurrency event of the year that unites individuals from all facets of the industry.

In addition to bringing together business owners, financiers, developers, crypto enthusiasts, and the international media, TOKEN2049 also fosters unrivaled networking possibilities in the crypto industry. The opportunities that stem from here will decide what happens in space in the future. 

TIA, on the other hand, is at the forefront of the transition. They’re operating on Web2.0 at the moment, and they intend on upgrading and making the switch to Web3.0. These connections would empower TIA to create a smoother transition. 

They have 18 web 2.0 games that TIA intends to upgrade to web 3.0. One of them, the Swipe Brick Breaker, has broken records by being downloaded 30 million times and has an active user base of 1.2 million monthly users from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and east Asia. 

Additionally, a blockchain-based platform called TNT, Trophies, and Treasuries will incorporate several hyper-casual games from TIA. TNT is expected to launch this year, and they wish to follow it up with a cryptocurrency coin listing down the line. 

On this occasion, TIA’s CEO, EUYCHUL SHIN, shared his thoughts by saying, "With the advent of Cryptowinter, players who chase short-term profits will disappear, and genuinely prepared projects will most definitely survive. TIA will work closely with our reliable partners to bring new experiences to global users through collaboration."

The gaming industry, worth billions of dollars, is setting new milestones every year. A sector that not only empowers gamers but has also made the swiftest transition to Web3.0. The harbinger that will establish web3.0 and bring the world together.

TIA will thus empower and expedite the transformation while being present at Token2049. This would genuinely present a united front of gamers from all around the world.

About TIA

By building a shared X2E world that anybody can access and connect to, TIA offers blockchain content in which anyone can simply engage. Through the use of blockchain technology, several firms are creating diverse platforms. Blockchain has the benefit of being able to create a secure and transparent trade network and can simultaneously transmit a wide range of data. 

To advance towards a Web 3.0 future, TIA creates an X2E system based on this technology. It uses blockchain technology to develop and distribute content for people to congregate and enjoy, including games, sports, and cryptocurrency.

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