Le Vian introduces delicious Wrapped in Chocolate™ Collection

Available exclusively at Jared and Jared.com

New York, NY, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Le Vian and Jared are proud to introduce the exclusive Le Vian Wrapped in Chocolate™ collection, exclusively available at Jared stores nationwide.

  • On Tue September 20, Le Vian and Jared premiered the collection with a glamorous live online broadcast, giving holiday shoppers an advance, close-up preview of the stylish pieces, in the company of Le Vian CEO Eddie LeVian. From the moment the live show began, pieces immediately became shoppable via the broadcast itself and online at Jared.com

  • World renowned trend setting jewelry dynasty Le Vian, with a five-century jewelry history that spans from ancient royalty to today’s red carpet, is once again reinventing fine jewelry with indulgent new jeweled designs inspired by the rich and addictive power of chocolate.

  • Wrapped in Chocolate™ is the exclusive new iteration of Le Vian’s Chocolate Shavings™ collection. Fresh, light and tactile designs, created to entice the senses, see swirling ribbons of Chocolate Diamonds® and Nude Diamonds™ twist and wrap around gleaming polished Honey Gold™.

  • Inspired by the ultimate luxuries – mouthwatering chocolate and treasured diamonds – these unique Le Vian delicacies take you on a euphoric bejeweled journey that can only be experienced when indulging in these finest original, artisan Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® designs. 

  • Each piece is presented in its own ribboned box inspired by chocolate

  • A close collaboration between jewelry powerhouse Le Vian and leading American jewelry retailer Jared, the collection has been one year in the making

Le Vian CEO Eddie LeVian says:

“Wrapped in Chocolate™ is Le Vian’s standout collection for the coming holiday season. Designed to bring its wearers a sense of euphoria, it is inspired by the uniquely blissful and exciting experience of indulging in the finest, richly flavored, artisan chocolate.

The wrapping motif also reminds me of embracing the romance of my life, my wife Miranda, with the collection including symbols of enduring passion in the form of a heart for love, a paperclip for togetherness, a tear for facing the challenges as one and a ring for marriage.

The idea for Wrapped in Chocolate™ first began with a Manhattan photoshoot in conjunction with a premium world-renowned chocolatier. As we were busy shooting our Chocolate Diamonds® jewelry along with the help of a gourmet chocolate chef and an artisan food stylist, I began noticing that tantalizing, beautifully articulated shavings of artisan chocolate and swirls of molten chocolate being used as props for the shoot, could in fact capture the imagination if they became the inspiration for a new Chocolate Diamonds® collection, and Wrapped in Chocolate™ was born.”

About Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds®

Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® is a trademarked brand of ethically and responsibly sourced, superior quality, natural fancy color brown diamonds. Only 4% of brown diamonds meet the rigorous criteria to be named Chocolate Diamonds®. These require Chocolate Diamonds® to be responsibly sourced, exhibit SI clarity or above, display no inclusions and have never been subject to radiation. Over 80% of Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® come from Australia’s Argyle mine which closed in 2020. Formed under pressure after billions of years, natural fancy color diamonds are 10,000 times rarer than white diamonds according to the Gemological Institute of America.

About Le Vian

Once a guardian of royal jewels, today Le Vian is a celebrity jewelry powerhouse catering to the who’s who of music and film. Le Vian is one of the most well-known, privately held jewelry brands in the English-speaking world, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the Caribbean islands, attracting legions of fans who come back, again and again, to add to their private Le Vian collections.

Perfect as an indulgent gift to oneself or to another as a celebration of love, the new Jared exclusive Le Vian Wrapped in Chocolate™ pieces are available online at jared.com and in all Jared stores.

See here for a link to hi-res product imagery. 



Le Vian Wrapped in Chocolate™ Collection A selection of rings from the Wrapped in Chocolate™ collection

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