Celebrate the Grand Opening of Osmow’s™ first Miami location on National Shawarma Day

Raise a Shawarma on October 15 for Just $5 with Fast Cars, Live Art, DJ Beats and Prizes to Win!

Miami, FL, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Miamians show their love for shawarma for just $5 as OSMOW’S™ celebrates its first Miami location on the 3rd annual National Shawarma Day, October 15, with fast cars, DJ music, artwork created on the spot by Chris Marchese and prizes to be won!

With more than 135 locations throughout North America, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fast-service restaurant OSMOW’S officially opens its Miami doors at 10141 West Flagler Street.

OSMOW’S modern take on classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes – especially its signature shawarma plates and wraps – has proven a hit satisfying cravings for its ever-expanding customer base. Celebrated for its shawarma specialties, the upbeat, casual eatery is North America’s largest Mediterranean restaurant chain, loved by loyal fans that look for either meat or vegetarian-based protein options.  

OSMOW’S Chicken Shawarma is tender, fragrant, boldly spiced and expertly marinated as it forms on a vertical skewer. Once the marinated meat is delicately carved, it is then grilled to perfection and served in a thin warm grilled pita bread, ON THE ROX® (rice), or ON THE STIX® (fries). OSMOW’S Chicken Shawarma salad is a popular keto-friendly option.  OSMOW’S pita wraps offer a choice of chicken, beef, lamb, mixed (chicken and beef), or falafel, as part of its flexible menu.  With personalized add-ons like fresh herbs and vegetables, cheese or house-made signature sauces, OSMOW’S offers endless combinations of shawarma meals bursting with delicious flavors.

“Serving the best shawarmas in North America, there is no better day for Miamians to experience healthy, delicious and increasingly popular shawarma, and OSMOW’S flavorful offerings than on National Shawarma Day,” says Bernadette Farag, President and CEO of the fast-growing company. “Enjoy proteins bursting with flavors of Mediterranean herbs and spices for just $5!”  

Foodies, students and families on the go join athletes and sports fans to build an enthusiastic brand following. In recent years, professional NBA basketball player Norman Powell of the Los Angeles Clippers helped put shawarma and OSMOW’S in the spotlight, by publicly sharing his loyalty to the Osmow’s brand and its speciality offering.

Located behind Fountain Square shopping mall, the new OSMOW’S location at 10141 West Flagler Street is between the Women’s Park and Ruben Dario Park approaching Fountainelbleau. It shares its location with fellow eateries Sokai Sushi, Pieology Pizzeria, and Chipotle Mexican Grill, making it an attractive destination for a choice of international fare.  

A family business founded by Egyptian migrant, Sam Osmow, today OSMOW’S boasts more than 135 eateries, and is run by Sam, his son Ben, and daughter Bernadette.

“The popularity of quick-service Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food is starting to soar,” says Ben Osmow, CEO and Head of Franchise Operations. “Our rapid expansion throughout North America is thanks to adventurous eaters, hard-working franchisees and irresistible menu items that are easy to customize. We look forward to celebrating our opening and welcoming guests in more Miami and Florida locations soon.” 

While the Miami restaurant is corporate-owned, franchise owners are at the heart of the successful expansion of OSMOW’S, with most franchisees owning multiple locations. OSMOW’S head office supports franchisees across their operations, inspiring many former employees to open their own OSMOW’S franchise. Close working relationships and a people-centric approach mean the team spirit at OSMOW’S remains true to its family origins as the company enjoys accelerated growth.

OSMOW’S is located at 10141 West Flagler Street and is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

View the extensive and flexible OSMOW’S menu at osmows.com/menu/

For more information about OSMOW’S, visit osmows.com and follow @osmowsus on all popular social media channels.

Founded in 2001 by Sam Osmow, the first OSMOW’S restaurant was located in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada and remains a successful operation to this day. Sam saw an opportunity to bring his Egyptian roots to the North American landscape blending traditional Egyptian cuisine balanced with a North American palate. Filling a void in the current fast-casual culinary marketplace, OSMOW’S flavorful dishes with signature sauces such as the fan-favorite garlic sauce keeps bringing customers back to satisfy their cravings. OSMOW’S has grown to 135 locations and continues to expand across North America.


  • In Arabic, shawarma means “to turn” and inspired the name for the Middle Eastern method of slow, even cooking where a conical slab of meat slowly spins or spirals on a large skewer. 
  • Thin slices of herbed and spiced meat are stacked in a cone-like shape and slowly roasted before a steady heat source throughout the day on a vertical spit and shaved to serve. It’s like an upmarket kebab and the result is meat that packs a flavourful punch and melts in your mouth.
  • The trick to great shawarma is to keep the cuts and spiral shape symmetrical for even cooking.
  • Remember to savor the crispy bits that form around the edges of the meat during its slow cooking process.
  • Top-class shawarma is accompanied by equally proud flatbread and fresh, crispy vegetables and homemade garlic sauce to top off the often two-handed wrap or in-a-bowl dining experience.
  • Shawarma is not gyro. For gyro meat is typically ground, spiced, and formed into a log to be cooked on a spit like shawarma.
  • One of the world’s most popular forms of street food, especially in Egypt, shawarma was believed to have been created in Turkey as early as the 18th Century. In Turkey, shawarma is called doner. 
  • Many of the foods we think of as Middle Eastern originated in the Levant – a subregion in the Middle East which comprises present day Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan – and reflect a way of life that is social and celebrates good street food.
  • Lebanese immigrants to Mexico sparked the popular Mexican “al pastor” style of cooking for popular spit-grilled pork. 
  • While OSMOW’S puts a modern spin on authentic, classic shawarma, there is a far-out global fusion craze afoot morphing the dish. With an eye on the global shawarma market, OSMOW’S has spotted shawarma pizza, shawarma croissants and even a shawarma vending machine, demonstrating a spreading global fascination with this wonderful dish.
  • Shawarma changed actor Nicholas Brendon’s life and career. Find out how here:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/xf6uozvtggY
  • These scenes from The Avengers caused a spike in shawarma sales. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYiZeszLosE&feature=youtu.be
  • October 15 is National Shawarma Day, an official day of celebration sparked by OSMOW’S.


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