Shield Unveils InfoBarriers, its Newest AI Capability for Data Leak Protection

In addition to InfoBarriers, Shield’s recent version includes enhanced search analytics, data visualization improvements and other leading features for more efficient communication compliance

TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shield (the Company), the world’s leading communication compliance platform, today launched impressive surveillance capabilities that enable banks and finance firms to bring communication compliance into the control room and protect against data leaks. InfoBarriers, the company’s newest AI-model, is included in the latest version of Shield (3.2), which introduces additional new and substantial capabilities unmatched by existing legacy vendors and emerging startups. Also included in Shield 3.2 are enhanced search analytics, case workspaces for more visibility and traceability into eDiscovery, and further refinements to user interface (UI).

Shield’s data scientists, with deep expertise in trade and securities compliance, have developed InfoBarriers to detect information barrier leaks hiding throughout electronic communication channels. Through control room protocols, InfoBarriers enables organizations to secure material non-public information (MNPI) behind deal and research lists. The platform integrates with HR and list management systems to determine which people are privy to which information before Shield’s Proactive Surveillance feature begins to monitor every communication across an organization to alert for MNPI’s mentioned improperly. Once a match hits, control room can assess the situation and escalate if needed, ensuring organizations are protecting against the misuse of MNPI like insider trading, employee conflicts of interest and more.

“Covid accelerated the new way in which we communicate across businesses, and Shield is committed to the continued evolution of our offering to ensure organizations can more effectively monitor every business conversation and identify potential risks that could otherwise be costly,” said Nicole Aviv, Head of Product at Shield. “With the latest release from Shield, control rooms in banks and financial institutions can monitor every single communication channel across an organization to detect when material nonpublic information is referenced in a conversation with non-privileged employees.”

Beyond InfoBarriers, Shield 3.2 introduces Search Analytics that allow compliance teams to increase search efficiency by visualizing data from a strategic perspective. By comparing metrics on query results, compliance teams are able to gather insights on which communication channels are seeing the most relevant conversations, identify anomalies across those channels and recognize shifts in language that occur across conversations.

Also included in this latest version of Shield is faster eDiscovery capabilities inside a case workspace, which provides complete visibility into a case at any stage of the process. This provides teams with a clear understanding on the case status, direction and context gathered so far, enabling meaningful early case assessment.

All combined, InfoBarriers, enhanced search analytics, data visualization capabilities, and Shield’s industry-defining user interface upgrades that are included in Shield 3.2 empowers firms to bring surveillance into the control room. With Shield, banks and financial firms put the critical data into focus so they can react faster to the endless avalanche of data faced every day, all of which comes with its own risk, security, and compliance concerns.

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