Zenfolio Introduces Smart Pricing - Data-driven Pricing Recommendations for Photographers

Menlo Park, California, UNITED STATES

Menlo Park, CA, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenfolio, the market leader in creative and business solutions for photographers, is the first photography platform to launch Smart Pricing – an advanced data-driven technology feature designed to help photographers optimally and competitively price prints and products based on historical sales data from hundreds of thousands of transactions, their photography genre, the geographic location in which they sell, and other key market factors.


“Zenfolio is excited to be the only photography business platform to offer an integrated, intelligent pricing resource,” said John Loughlin, Chief Executive Officer. “Our innovative Smart Pricing engine helps take the complexity out of pricing products, eliminating a potentially stressful business task for photographers, while simultaneously helping them maximize their revenue and profit based on actual market transactions in their locale.”


Running a photography business involves critical decisions about operations and merchandising in order to be competitive and profitable. Pricing products and services is often one of the biggest business challenges a photographer faces, whether they are aspiring, part-time, or seasoned professionals. Photographers tend to be focused on the creative aspects of their business and do not have the resources to do the extensive research required to ensure they charge competitively.


The Zenfolio Smart Pricing feature applies advanced algorithms to offer pricing recommendations on products, prints and digital downloads based on business geographic location (zip code/state), local print lab fees, and photography shoot type (sports, portraits, wedding, etc.). Smart Pricing then suggests rates so photographers can make data-driven decisions and adjust pricing to market demands.


This “big business” discipline enables a small, local business to set pricing based on hundreds of thousands of historical data points gathered from photographers pricing their products on the Zenfolio platform.


The exclusive Zenfolio Smart Pricing tool saves photographers hours of time researching local market rates, calculating margins and worrying about setting appropriate prices to achieve optimal earnings and profits. Photographers have full control with the ability to create multiple price lists for various client types or genres of photography, and adjust prices anytime to fit their needs.


Smart Pricing is available to Zenfolio subscribers in the United States as an integral part of the PortfolioPlus and ProSuite plans that include e-commerce solutions.


About Zenfolio

Zenfolio Inc. offers advanced business solutions enabling photographers to easily show, share and sell their images. For almost two decades, Zenfolio has proudly served photographers around the globe.


Zenfolio brands and services include Format, a portfolio website solution for all creative professionals, PhotoRefine.ai, advanced AI technology takes the work out of grouping, rating and culling images, PhotoBooker.com, a resource to find and book local photographers, and Prints Marketplace, an online gallery that sells museum grade prints from artists and photographers around the world.


Zenfolio Introduces Smart Pricing

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