Digital Distro, Inc. (OTC: UVSS) and Medical Care Tech, Inc./Infinite Auctions, LLC (OTC: MDCE) Announce MOU for Future Launch of Sports Memorabilia NFT Platform

Platform to combine High Value Sports Memorabilia with highly Immersive Digital Media Experiences within a Secure Digital Community of Collectors

Costa Mesa, CA, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Distro, Inc./Universal Systems, Inc. (OTC: UVSS) is proud to announce that it has completed a Memorandum of Understanding with Infinite Auctions, LLC to launch next generation High End Sports Memorabilia NFTs. The MOU comes after several months of requirements definition, conceptual design, and back-end prototype development to prove the viability of the platform. Both parties have decided to move forward with the project and the signing of the MOU allows for the continuation of art design, film production, and development of the front-end interface, tokenization, and transaction routing.

Marshall Perkins, CEO of Infinite Auctions, Inc., states, “Our goal is to provide sports memorabilia collectors with dynamic, immersive, one-of-a-kind digital media experiences through NFT's. The advanced utilities within Digital Distro's technology offering provide us the flexibility to implement some complex strategies we have not seen in other platforms, and to tie those digital experiences with real world experiences to bring the overall sports memorabilia experience to a whole new level.” Andrew Lane, CEO of Digital Distro, Inc. states “We’re very excited to be working with Infinite Auctions and Marshall Perkins. Mr. Perkins’ knowledge and experience in the sports memorabilia industry has been instrumental in the design and implementation of digital media experiences within an NFT. We firmly believe that we are jointly creating a sports memorabilia platform that highlights the worth of these on-of-a-kind sports items and provides a one-of-a-kind experience for the collectors of these items.  

The companies will jointly host a dinner, exhibit booth, and present at the Web 3 Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 10-13, 2022, where they will be sharing their vision with some of the leading visionaries, speakers, personalities, and investors in the Web 3 space. Both companies intend to provide separate announcements with additional details about the project as it progresses.

Infinite Auctions provides an online platform for memorabilia collectors and professional athletes to consign and sell high valued collectibles in a secure online auction format. Memorabilia auctions and high value collectible sales will remain the company’s core business. Infinite Auctions has previously announced that it will be acquired by Medical Care Technologies, Inc. (OTC: MDCE). That acquisition is on track to close later this week.

Given that the joint development efforts have progressed rapidly, both entities have moved forward with drafting a Joint Venture and Operating Agreement for revenue distribution and ownership of developed assets. The MOU will serve as the basis for a final agreement to be hammered out over the next few weeks.

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About Infinite Auctions LLC.

Infinite Auctions provides an online platform for memorabilia collectors and professional athletes to consign and sell high valued collectibles in a secure online auction format. Infinite Auctions specializes in the auctioning of game-worn sports memorabilia, including jerseys, helmets, bats, and other items worn or used by athletes in professional sporting events. The company also auctions high-end sports cards, trading cards, fine autographs, Americana, and other valuable antiquities. Infinite Auctions also offers a private sale brokering program that connects sellers and buyers outside of auction for quicker sales.

About Medical Care Technologies, Inc.

Medical Care Technologies, Inc. seeks to capitalize on the fast-growing memorabilia and collectibles market by consolidating companies in the collectibles space and acquiring high value collectible assets. The company is negotiating multiple joint ventures and developing new platforms to create additional revenue streams from our memorabilia asset portfolio.

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