Paperless Parts and ECI Software Solutions Extend Strategic Partnership to Support Integration between JobBOSS² and Paperless Parts Quoting Platform

Job Shops and Contract Manufacturers Embrace SaaS Platforms to Streamline Business Operations

BOSTON, Oct. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paperless Parts, the leading estimating and quoting software for job shops and contract manufacturers, today announced the extension of its strategic partnership with ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, and a new integration between ECI’s industry leading manufacturing-specific ERP platform, JobBOSS², and the Paperless Parts quoting platform.

“Working with ECI Software Solutions on the original JobBOSS integration has been a game changer for manufacturers. Our new integration with JobBOSS² takes it a step further, giving back one of the most valuable assets to job shops - time. This opens up the opportunity to invest in critical activities that otherwise can get overlooked like training junior estimators, recruiting, or planning the next phase of a shop’s growth strategy,” said Paperless Parts’ co-founder and CEO, Jason Ray.

The integration between ECI’s business management solutions including both JobBOSS and JobBOSS², and Paperless Parts’ quoting platform, helps customers to streamline operations, reduce manual data entry in multiple systems, and turn around accurate quotes quickly and efficiently.

With JobBOSS², shops can better schedule and plan orders, estimates, and inventory, while gaining the visibility needed to cut costs and improve delivery of finished products to their customers. ECI also recently announced that JobBOSS² now meets all of the requirements outlined by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which enables aerospace and government defense contractors to securely share sensitive information.

Paperless Parts recently announced key enhancements to its 3D part viewer, resulting in greater collaboration and operational effectiveness for manufacturers. These enhancements along with the existing capabilities provide manufacturers with the tools they need to grow revenue, diversify their customer base, reduce quoting errors, and better utilize internal resources and do so using a secure, ITAR-registered cloud-native software platform. Paperless Parts supports all manufacturing types, including milling and production processes, sheet metal fabrication, and additive manufacturing. With automatic geometric analysis, each part file is analyzed to show part features and inspected for potential manufacturability warnings, saving shops from missing costly errors. Paperless Parts is trusted by manufacturers in every industry, including aerospace, national defense, medical devices, and technology. Smart RFQ forms integrate with existing customer websites and support both 3D models and 2D print requests. All customer and quote information is automatically entered and organized in one centralized dashboard.

Integrations are available for all JobBOSS and JobBOSS² customers. To request a free personalized demo, please visit the Request a Demo page.

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Purpose-built for the manufacturing industry, Paperless Parts is on a mission to help Job Shops and Contract Manufacturers win more business, improve efficiency, and streamline operations by automating the quoting and estimating process. With the Paperless Parts platform, users can reduce the time it takes to build accurate quotes, share files securely, collaborate with customers and teammates more simply, and eliminate tedious, error-prone manual data entry steps. Trusted by more than 300 customers across the United States, Paperless Parts has helped CNC machine shops, sheet metal fabricators, and additive manufacturing shops grow their business and compete more aggressively in a global market.

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