Boca Raton, FL, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bright Mountain Media, Inc. (OTCQB:BMTM), Wild Sky Media, a top 5 parenting publisher whose premium portfolio includes flagship properties CafeMom and MamásLatinas, unveiled their new zero party data platform MomIndex which provides real-time insights into the world’s most powerful consumer, mom.

In order to get in touch with moms directly, Wild Sky Media is utilizing zero-party data. Zero-party data, a term coined in 2020 by Forrester Research, is data that a customer voluntarily shares with a brand. Contrast that with third-party data, which is collected externally without the customer’s explicit consent or knowledge. Zero-party data is not only more trustworthy and accurate than third-party data, but also allows brands to connect more personally with customers.

Matt Drinkwater, CEO of Wild Sky Media’s parent company, Bright Mountain Media, explains, “Our sites were built on the idea of community — it’s in our DNA as a company — so this year we renewed our investment in this virtual village in order to forge deeper, more meaningful relationships with our core audience of moms. Insights have always been an essential element of our business model, so leveraging zero-party data was a natural evolution for us. MomIndex allows us to hear directly from our audience, providing us a digital pipeline into what moms are thinking at that very moment. Understanding moms’ current mindset — their hopes, dreams, questions, concerns — allows us to have a conversation with them in real-time and better serve their needs.”

MomIndex, which gives advertising partners access to Wild Sky Media’s zero-party data for consumer insights and targeting across their portfolio of sites, began rollout last week.

Justin Santino, Wild Sky Media’s SVP of Revenue Operations, adds, “As we enter into a difficult economic period, knowing exactly how moms plan to navigate the challenges ahead has never been more important. MomIndex will play an integral role in informing our advertising and ecommerce campaigns, as well as our editorial curriculum. MomIndex will allow our brand partners to gain a deeper understanding of how to forge actionable insights with moms.”

Wild Sky Media will regularly share findings from MomIndex in the coming months. The inaugural study will dive into the concept of the “default parent” — the invisible load of parenthood that falls to one parent (typically moms) and the impact it has on budgeting and planning, especially as we approach the holiday season.

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