Introducing Class 80 — a High-End Retro Mechanical Keyboard Bringing Top Notch Tactile Experience

Retro fashion is the new modern. Catch the vintage style with Class 80 mechanical keyboard for your desk setup.

NEW YORK, Oct. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Epomaker collaborates with the MMstudio to launch a group buy campaign for the Class 80 mechanical keyboard, which has a clean retro look, customizability, and an ultimate typing tactile experience.  

Delicate Retro and Ergonomics Design

Retro things are commonly seen in life, which always brings people back to the joyful days of childhood. The Class 80 keyboard reminds users of those days of playing the NES or SNES (or whatever console you were playing at a young age).

Design goes into every detail. In the forehead position, Class 80 follows the classic cassette model, which shows symmetrical beauty and adds a retro feeling simultaneously. At the back of Class80, it is designed with a slope to maintain the stereoscopic design, and it follows the "FAMICOM/SNES" stripe design to carve parallel lines in the back. A FAMICOM/SNES controller-like detachable nameplate is added to the back of the keyboard to strengthen retro aesthetics. To break the single and heavy feeling of the board's side view, a tolerance delicate line is engraved on the side of Class 80 by CNC progress, which makes the keyboard itself much more classic and exquisite. 

As a Tenkeyless keyboard, Class 80 eliminates the Numpad to save more space on the desk while offering a 1.6cm tilted chin to meet the ergonomics need for comfortable typing.  

Customizability From Every Aspect

Designed with flexibility and customizability, the Class 80 allows the users to fully customizable the keyboard according to their needs from function to keyboard layout. Both wired and wireless versions are available to choose from, and users can pick from various options such as the soldered/hot-swappable PCB, WK (Win Key)/WKL (Win Key Less) Layout, different types of plates, buzzer and solenoid, etc. A 5000mAh big powerful battery is embedded in the wireless kit to ensure a long battery life for all-day use. On top of these, Class 80 also supports plateless builds, and users can decide whether they want to make it as a gasket structure, top structure, or a top half plate structure. Meanwhile, Class 80 is VIA compatible, enabling users to freely remap and create macros according to their needs.   

Pricing and Availability

The Group Buy campaign on starts now and will end on Oct 25. Colors are available in E-white, E-red, and Ano-Black, the price starts from $345 for a wired version kit. For more information, please visit

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