A2MAC1 and TECOSIM have joined forces to offer unique synergies driving significant value for their customers


A2MAC1 and TECOSIM have joined forces to offer unique synergies driving significant value for their customers

Wiesbaden/ Boulogne-Billancourt, 7 October 2022 - A2MAC1, the world leading provider of benchmarking solutions across the automotive industry, and TECOSIM, a specialist in computer-aided engineering, have joined forces to offer unique synergies driving significant value for their customers. The two companies are highly complementary and will present their combined range of services for the first time at the EuroCarBody (ECB) conference in Bad Nauheim (Germany) on October 18 to 20, 2022.

“At A2MAC1, we have been decoding the secrets hidden behind technology and innovation for more than 25 years and we are committed to build a better, greener and smarter world. Vehicles that are newly released to the market are purchased, followed by a detailed testing and analysis procedure, including crash testing, to obtain valuable data insights. Together with TECOSIM we are going one step further in our mission to contribute to a more sustainable future. Based on our virtual and precise car models and data, we are now able to provide simulation results and models that automotive manufacturers are able to use for their own virtual benchmarking,” states Stephan Weng, Chief Operations Officer at A2MAC1.

TECOSIM will benefit from the A2MAC1’s established client relationships in benchmarking and will add their know-how and experience from their TEC|BENCH process, to the A2MAC1 portfolio, enabling A2MAC1 to include structured simulations, providing clients with significantly deeper analysis than competitors.

At the ECB conference (booth #7), A2MAC1 and TECOSIM will showcase vehicles that have been through their joint processes to deliver full vehicle CAE-models as Digital Twins. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the full process from the teardown and scan of each individual metal sheet part to the material identification, the connections definition, mesh preparation, simulation, and post-processing in the A2MAC1 proprietary platform. Each step of the process is realized by the joint TECOSIM/A2MAC1 team to integrate the simulation needs as early as possible in the benchmarking process.

“One special focus of our cooperative partnership is e-mobility. Thanks to our virtual benchmarking information, an automotive manufacturer is able to obtain expertise in a quick and efficient manner,” explains Mark Gevers, Director of Business Development at TECOSIM and responsible for CAE-based virtual benchmarking. TECOSIM has been providing its TEC|BENCH development methods to the market for almost 20 years and has completed some 50 benchmarking projects for international automotive manufacturers.

Apart from providing incremental insights to each other’s offering, the partnership also offers cost synergies. As the first product created through the partnership, A2MAC1 and TECOSIM are currently producing benchmarking data and models of the Tesla Model Y from Austin, Texas. This vehicle features a completely new vehicle structure: the vehicle floor comprises a structural battery pack, a drive battery as a load-bearing element, while the front and rear section of the vehicle consists of a single-cast design, referred as “giga casting”.

Photo: Dr. Stephan Weng, Chief Operations Officer (COO) (right) of A2MAC1 and Mark Gevers, Director of Business Development at TECOSIM (left) at the A2MAC1-Hary location in Northern France, where benchmarking information is being generated on the Austin-manufactured Tesla Model Y.

About A2MAC1

A2MAC1 is the world-leading provider of benchmarking solutions across the automotive industry and beyond. It is a pioneer in the analysis and transformation of data into value and a source of mission-critical insights into the market. With over 600 employees worldwide (Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States), the group’s offering is used daily by nearly 650,000 professionals across the entire automotive value chain and beyond (transportation, agriculture, appliances, etc.) since 25 years. Its unique, easy-to-use, 3D proprietary technology platform helps manufacturers optimize the design and materials of their products throughout their life cycle with a constant focus on innovation and cost and value optimization.

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With around 550 employees, TECOSIM is a highly capable partner for development processes and a world-leading specialist in computer-aided engineering (CAE). The internationally active group has its headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany, and has four branches in Germany as well as locations in the UK, India, Japan, Romania and the US. TECOSIM support customers in the transportation, energy, health and industrial sectors. Its engineers work on challenging tasks in design, construction, simulation, electronics and software development. Process optimization methods complement its range of services. As a driver of innovation, TECOSIM uses trend-setting methods and provides comprehensive consultation services – from initial concepts through to all-in-one solutions ready for series production.

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