357 Kerbsyde Last-Mile Delivery Service Celebrates 1st Year Growth, Focusing on 3PL Expansion for E-commerce, Retail Brands, Cosmetics and Meal Kits

  • Kerbsyde established a strong foothold in third-party logistics for E-commerce, Retail Brands, Restaurants, Prescriptions, Cosmetics, and other Consumer Goods
  • 357 Kerbsyde offers access to 5000+ trucks, 2 million sq. ft. of warehouse space and approximately 100 injection points/transport hubs
  • Offers fast, reliable Direct-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business last-mile delivery for sensitive, perishable, tightly regulated, short-deadline, and/or high-value products and small parcels
  • 357 Kerbsyde’s volume and density enable improved pricing and flexibility for small to mid-size suppliers

CHICAGO AND NASHVILLE, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 357 Company (357), a global transportation and logistics specialist, is celebrating a banner one-year anniversary for its 357 Kerbsyde division, its last-mile Direct-to-Consumer(D2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) delivery service for shipping high-value products, sensitive, and tightly regulated products or short-deadline shipments under 40 lbs.

357 Kerbsyde’s growth has exceeded management’s expectations, and they are building upon that momentum. It has become a force to be reckoned with in the last-mile delivery arena, having built a network of 5000+ trucks, 2 million sq. ft. of warehouse space and approximately 100 injection points across the nation with more being added in each of these areas every month.

In the past year, while the COVID-driven third-party logistics (3PL) market surged, 357 Kerbsyde tapped its extensive network of carrier relationships of thoroughly vetted, trusted carriers, rather than buying capacity from unknown carriers at spot market rates. Leveraging their veteran management team’s strong carrier management skills and advanced delivery management and optimization software that incorporates dynamic, load leveling optimization, 357 Kerbsyde delivered improved buying power, shipment safety, security, and on-time delivery along with stellar service.

John Brewer, Director of Distribution & Logistics for CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc., stated, “357 Kerbsyde has been a great partner for us. Customer service is always top notch and their ability to handle complex projects under tight time constraints is a testament to their ability to pay attention to detail and execute.”

“In the midst of months of stories about trucker shortages and soaring shipping costs contributing to supply chain disruptions, we’ve delivered reliable, on-time, secure, reasonably priced, hassle-free shipping for our clients,” Kevin Schultz, President and Co-Founder of The 357 Company, noted. “We’re eliminating errors and solving problems for our shipping partners to help them grow their business. They have rewarded us by sending more of their business our way and/or referring us to others in their supply chain network so they can have reliable logistics across their entire supply chain.”

Kerbsyde’s typical shipments include:

  • time-sensitive/just-in-time delivery of raw materials and parts to manufacturers;
  • B2B distribution and fulfillment of products across the supply chain – manufacturers, retailers, local businesses;
  • e-commerce and retail brand small parcels to consumers; and
  • delivery of items requiring recipient signature, ID verification (alcohol, jewelry, collectibles, and licensed hemp CBD and vape products, e-cig tobacco), or added services to consumers’, manufacturers’, or retailers’ doorsteps.

Complex shipments – We’ve got you covered

With one point of contact, especially when they are shipping in multiple states or markets, 357 Kerbsyde makes it easy for customers to coordinate all their shipping needs with just one call to 844.357.SHIP (7447). Each customer gets a single point of contact to help them manage any shipping issue, whether the shipments are first mile, final mile, or line hauls across multiple states that require climate control, special packaging/handling, expedited delivery, or authorized signatures. Customers can access all of 357’s 3PL services across a national network of carriers with just one call for timely, secure, competitively priced last-mile delivery to consumers or businesses.

“Logistics can be a complex headache for companies that ship to multiple states, especially for those that lack the volume needed for preferred rates and an in-house logistics team. That’s where we can make a huge impact,” JP Mendoza, 357 VP of Operational Excellence, explained. “Kerbsyde's vertical complex last-mile solutions and national fulfillment centers offer flexible scheduling options that specialize in time-sensitive delivery solutions. We listen, then execute with our operations specialists optimizing the most cost-effective final mile delivery strategy so our customers can focus their resources on their core business.”

Future Growth

“There are numerous opportunities for growth of our 3PL services, and we are being very strategic in identifying high growth, underserved industries where we have strong presence geographically,” Brandon Goehl, 357 Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, stated, “Growth areas we are focusing on include D2C meal kits, such as Ad Hoc Food Delivery, prescription drugs, retail brands, and e-commerce last-mile delivery/fulfillment.”

Supply Chain Management Review notes e-commerce fulfillment is one of the fastest-growing domestic 3PL subcategories that has seen growth of 24% from 2017 to 2021. Insider Intelligence is forecasting the US e-commerce market will surpass $1 trillion this year, and by 2026 they project over 21% of all retail sales will be online.

“Parcel and e-commerce delivery consultant Nate Skiver notes there is a total addressable market (TAM) for U.S. package delivery of 1.3 billion packages for alternative carriers, beyond the volume handled by the major carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx and Amazon,” Goehl noted. “Nate believes there aren’t enough alternative carriers to absorb that volume. We see this as an unprecedented opportunity for 357 Kerbsyde.”

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About The 357 Company

The 357 Company, is setting the standard of excellence for logistics and supply chain management, centered around compliant standard operating procedures and dedication to unparalleled customer service and business ethics. Headquartered in Illinois with an additional office in Nashville, 357’s leadership team collectively has over 50 years of transportation, logistics, medical device, and supply chain management experience, in addition to developing operational processes and procedures for some of largest brands in the restaurant home delivery and highly regulated medical cannabis industries, including Grubhub, Verano, and PharmaCann. For more information on 357, its subsidiaries 357 Kerbsyde, 357 Logistics, 357 Hemp Logistics and 357 Marketplace and the logistics industry visit www.357Company.com and follow 357 on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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