VERTU debuts the World's first WEB3 phone, flagship METAVERTU, to make a new decentralized revolution

London, UK, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VERTU, the British luxury mobile phone brand, recently announced its new collections, METAVERTU, the world's first WEB3 phone, on 28th September 2022, and VERTU will hold a launch event in London on 24th October to officially kick off the global sale. From the official teasing video that alludes to the famous ad 1984, a young man finally breaks the fruit phone’s supremacy. VERTU is implying that a new order has formed as a digital revolution based on WEB 3.0 is about to break out. 

According to an internal staff statement, VERTU's METAVERTU phone is the first to propose the concept of CNCOS, a 5-dimensional integrated ecosystem, which aims to integrate chips, smart terminals, block chain, operating systems and high-end services into one phone, and they want the WEB2.0 users walk into the WEB3.0 seamlessly and smoothly. Such a WEB3 phone carries the perfect starting point for users' digital sovereignty and blockchain infrastructure that can truly help users create their own value. VERTU will give the reservations customers an airdrop NFT with special benefits.




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