Miovision Acquires Rapid Flow

Acquisition adds market-leading adaptive signal control capability to Miovision’s intersection platform

KITCHENER, Ontario, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Miovision, an innovative company that helps cities modernize their approach to traffic management using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, today announced that it has acquired Pittsburgh-based Rapid Flow Technologies.

Rapid Flow is the market’s technology leader in adaptive traffic signal control, which uses real-time traffic data to optimize signal timing, adapting to real-world conditions. Their Surtrac adaptive traffic signal control system can support all traffic signal controller types to optimize traffic signal timing, second by second, while accounting for all modes of travel, keeping vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit moving and safe.

“We’re excited for Rapid Flow to join the Miovision team,” said Miovision CEO Kurtis McBride. “Not only does this add an industry-leading adaptive control product to our existing platform capabilities, but also adds the passionate team of people who developed it to Miovision’s world-class engineering team.”

“Our team is looking forward to joining Miovision,” said Greg Barlow, Rapid Flow’s CTO and one of its founders. “Our long partnership with Miovision has proven to us that their platform provides the kind of high-quality traffic data that makes Surtrac most effective and integrations seamless. As a part of Miovision, we are in the best position to bring a full-featured, truly adaptive solution to even more customers.”

The application of Surtrac adaptive signal control has demonstrated significant improvement over conventional traffic signal timing and other adaptive systems. Travel times have been reduced by 25%, time spent waiting at signals by 40%, stops by 30% and emissions by 20%.

Surtrac adaptive is installed at 350 intersections, including installations integrated with Miovision TrafficLink in Peterborough, Ontario and Quincy, Massachusetts. Rapid Flow’s team, including co-founder and co-inventor of Surtrac, Greg Barlow, will join Miovision and their Pittsburgh location will become Miovision’s fifth office globally.

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