Over 80% of Canadian Employees Would Seek a New Job if Asked to Return to the Office 5-Days a Week

MONTREAL, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hardbacon, a personal finance application used by more than 40,000 Canadians, released today a new survey revealing that over 80% of Canadian remote workers would quit their job and look for a new one if their employer asked them to return to the office 5-days a week.

According to the survey, there is one clear reason why Canadian employees don’t want to return to the office full-time: unnecessary expenses. On average, respondents estimate an average daily spend of $26 in out-of-pocket expenses related to going to the office. Annualized, this cost amounts to $6,760 per employee, based on a year of 260 working days.

By gender, $24 is the average daily amount Canadian women estimate they have to spend out-of-pocket, while $28 represents the average daily amount Canadian men estimate they spend.

Still, remote workers across the country can be convinced stating that they are willing to come back to the office in exchange for more money. In fact, Canadians ​​say that 26.93% is the average pay increase that would convince Canadians working remotely or in a hybrid arrangement to return to the office full-time.

Since the onset of the pandemic, workers have adapted to a hybrid work environment. Now, a number of companies, including Shopify, Salesforce, Dropbox and Spotify, are opting for fully remote or hybrid work environments. As a result, many Canadian workers don’t want to return to the office and they are ready to go elsewhere if their employer does not accommodate them.

“The future of work has been reimagined and a number of employees have proven they can do their job efficiently at a distance,” said Hardbacon Editor-in-Chief, Stefani Balinsky. “With this reality, it just makes sense economically for Canadians to be making the most of their money by working from home.”

For more information, please consult the Hardbacon survey report.

This survey was conducted online by Hardbacon from September 6 to September 20, 2022. We surveyed 312 people, all of whom were 18+ and living in Canada.

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