Marcy Resnik's Program For Mentoring Women Lawyers Seeks Candidates

Miami, Florida, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new initiative fron lawyer Marcy Resnik offers mentoring to train and guide women through the difficulties of balancing the practice of law with the demands of raising a family where women usually serve as the de facto parent in everyday household management. Peer-to-peer mentoring ranks as the best way to learn practical ways to manage time, handle conflicting family and work demands and still find quality personal time. Marcy Resnik a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based lawyer is helping to mentor young female attorneys and is always actively recruiting new females to "lean in".

Each attorney must ultimately devise her own strategy, but mentoring provides advice, tips and ways to let off steam productively. Juggling a legal career and family responsibilities is quite possible, and women of all types of personalities succeed. Mentoring provides that essential support of having someone to talk to who understands the issues and troublespots you're likely to experience as a woman working as a lawyer.

Statistics that Define the Problem

Statistics clearly prove that women often have problems adjusting to the intense demands of their time. The National Association for Law Placement conducted a survey that found 70% of respondents had major problems balancing leisure and family time. Pew Research found that parents with working mothers were three times more likely to attribute career stagnation or loss of a promotion to family demands of their time.

Thomas Reuters' research company, 80% of attorneys believe that achieving a workable balance in work-life demands ranks as a top priority. More and more attorney offices offer babysitting services, health care and work-from-home days for working attorney mothers, but these measures don't address the most pressing issues that women face, which are often more subtle but compelling.

Mentoring Benefits for Women Lawyers

Women often rely more heavily on social experiences than men, and mentoring fits the bill amazingly well for helping women cope with the demands of legal work. Having someone to complain to and a shoulder to cry on if necessary can prove more beneficial than expected. The benefits of mentoring programs for junior women lawyers include:

• Providing guidance, support and direction for women who often feel lost in a primarily male-oriented profession often dominated by the "good old boy" mentality
• One-on-one coaching about making a favorable impression on judges and juries
• Identifying common obstacles for women lawyers
• Advice on how to deal with unpleasant or insulting colleagues, adversaries and clients
• Real-world lawyer success stories to emulate
• Supportive help for research, trials and client relationships
• Tips for balancing family activities with work requirements
• Advice on advancing your legal career
• Tips for managing difficult children with reduced quality time

Marcy Resnik has shown that mentoring programs provide a personal connection and practical advice for young women that you can't really learn from books and law school. That's why many women give up their law careers for their families, but you can have both a career and productive family life if you find the right mentor.

Mentoring Programs Pair Beginners with Successful, Experienced Women Lawyers

Connecting inexperienced women lawyers with experienced women mentors encourages making connections and building a network of professional associates, which are both so critical to successful legal careers. You can get a deep-dive into the daily life of a successful working woman attorney to learn how she handles problems like family/work conflicts, dealing with discriminatory practices and insults and managing conflicting viewpoints as part of your daily work routine.

Contact lawyer Marc Resnik for a mentoring initiative program today to get further information about the program or to apply for consideration. We'll try to match you with the right mentor based on your legal specialty, geographic location and other important criteria.


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