Arf and Knox Wire Announce Cross-Border Partnership


Houston, Texas, United States , Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- [Houston, USA, 10 October, 2022] Arf and Knox Wire announce a new global payment partnership. The collaboration will strengthen market offerings and increase the global reach of both institutions.

Arf and Knox Wire are both internationally focused financial institutions that specialize in cross-border payment solutions.

Arf is a global settlement banking platform that offers real-time fiat-to-fiat cross-border settlements, credit lines, and global treasury management for financial institutions and licensed money service businesses (MSBs). Arf provides fully compliant credit line services for its clients to settle their cross-border transactions and scale their businesses. Arf’s credit line options can save as much as 100% of working capital requirements.

The Knox Wire payment system processes cross-border payouts in over 150 countries to as many as 30,000 financial institutions. Utilizing Knox Wire’s real-time gross settlement system, transactions are processed swiftly between financial institutions and the information of each transaction’s progress is visible in real-time.

The collaboration will include improving the global reach of Arf with the utilization of Knox Wire’s dashboard system. At the same time, Arf will greatly increase the capability of Knox Wire’s treasury, payment, and credit line services.

Knox Wire's Chief Executive Officer, Stephen McCullah, says: "The beneficial Collaboration between Knox Wire and Arf is a great opportunity for both institutions to positively improve financial service capabilities and provide a more holistic and far-reaching market offering to both sets of clients globally”.

About Arf

Arf is a global settlement banking platform, providing real-time fiat-to-fiat cross-border settlements, stablecoin-based credit lines, and global treasury management for financial institutions and licensed money service businesses (MSBs).



About Knox Wire

Knox Wire is a cross-border payment system that combines the financial messaging capabilities of Swift, with the real-time gross settlement capabilities of the most robust RTGS systems.

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