Montreal Burlesque Festival: Titillation, Glitz and a Night of Bliss at Club Soda

MONTREAL, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Saturday, October 15, the glamorous, rebellious and ferociously seductive international stars of the burlesque world will fill Club Soda with their boundless joie de vivre. The 12th edition of the Montreal Burlesque Festival returns for one evening of risqué variety acts guaranteed to awaken temptation and pure joy.

The festival honours Montreal’s legendary status as the global capital of burlesque. Almost a century after the American Prohibition, the event continues to attract some of the biggest stars of the genre. In 2022, flamboyant MC Mr. Armand will introduce a parade of dazzling female and male performers, whose evocative names are adored by burlesque connoisseurs: Chris Oh!, Kiki La Chanteuse, Audrey Ivory, Kitty Kin Evil, Emma Vauxdevil, Aza Lia, Cat Zaddy, Whiskey Jules, Raiko Portuondo, Rebecca Jean, and Sherlesque. Montreal’s own Scarlett James, founder of the Burlesque Festival, will also burn up the stage.

The show has been sold-out for weeks, a testimony to the ties that bind burlesque fans. Burlesque aficionados don’t just watch: they take immense delight in enhancing the spectacle by dressing up in their finest and sparkliest gowns and suits. To attend the festival is to feel part of a free-spirited community that allows imagination to fly uninhibited for a few precious hours. Cocktails and champagne will flow and so will boundless happiness.

Montreal Burlesque Festival | 12th edition
Saturday, October 15, from 6:30 p.m. till 8 p.m.
Club Soda (1225, St-Laurent, Montreal)
Dress code: Glam-up and dress to impress. No jeans, running shoes, or baseball caps.
Tickets: Sold-out

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