Canadian Institute of Cosmetic Surgery Inc.'s CEO Releases Book, 27 Secrets for Managing Time, Stress, People, and Money

How to Make Stress and Time Management Work for You Approaching the Holiday’s

Concord, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES

Concord, NH, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to a new study by the American Institute of Stress,  87% of American Stress levels are on the rise in 2022, compared to 2021, just a year earlier.  There isn’t a person alive who isn’t facing some kind of challenge, whether it be a personal struggle, a time shortage, a financial hurdle, or a health crisis.  With the holiday’s fast approaching, Dr. Fanous offers input on how to best eliminate those stress filled moments of the family get together before they happen.  
The Universal Rules of Life, a new book by Nabil Fanous, M.D., unpacks the 27 Secrets for Managing Time, Stress and People.  As Nabil states, "Nowadays, especially approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas, every one of us wishes for a lower stress level, more time on his or her hands, a better quality of life, a more harmonious relationships with others, and for money to last before the month run’s out!” Having been a facelift expert for over a decade, Dr. Fanous now offers insights into how best to get a facelift for your personal life.  

Dr. Nabil Fanous is a Canadian surgeon, university professor, sought after speaker and author with valuable insights into effective life management, personal fulfillment, and the path to professional success. Many of us would be thrilled to discover the easy and smart answers to intriguing questions ~ here are some of the 27 Secrets to help you now: 

  • Do It Now, Perfect It Later:  Stop the “I Will” Habit
  • Ask Once for What You Want: And You Will Get It 50% of the Time
  • Start Every Criticism with a Compliment, and Every Argument with an Agreement: How to Criticize and Argue, Yet Remain Liked and Respected
  • Eliminate It, Delegate It, or Shrink It! The Three Time-Management Secrets of Doing . . . What You Don’t Have Time to Do
  • Your #1 Goal in Life Is Happiness: How to Implement the Four Indispensable Secrets of Living Happily 

As many face spending and time management struggles with holiday gatherings approaching, Dr. Nabil goes on to point out questions that most face today with direct answers.  Such sage advice as offering 3 time management secrets of doing what you don’t have time to do.  Or the best kept input for achieving success throughout any circumstance you face.  How about those difficult people at your job?  Or one of the most talked about, how you can break the “I will” habit - and do now - what you’ve always wanted to do.  Readers and followers alike will gravitate and learn implementation to walk this out for life.


Dr. Nabil Fanous The Universal Rules of Life

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