Grumpy Catz NFT Launches Spreading Awareness against Animal Cruelty

Dubai, UAE, Oct. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With hundreds of NFT collections being released every day, it’s hard to find projects that stand out among the others. However, some upcoming projects are able to distinguish themselves because they have a real story to tell. One such innovative collection comes from Metacorp LLC. 

About the collection 
They created the NFT collection inspired by the internet sensation Grumpy Cat, with a collection of 10.000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (Opensea). Embracing a generation of memes and grumpiness while spreading awareness against animal cruelty is a must. The creators put their passion into this unique project with high quality artwork and +150 traits. 

Custom Meme NFT
Grumpy Catz NFT holders can increase their NFT’s rarity and value by creating a unique meme and adding it to their NFTs. Holders can write any meme they want, but they can only edit it once. When the custom meme is created on the site, the original NFT will be burned and minted as a new NFT, keeping all of your original traits (gas fees will be applicable).

Passive Income Generator/Social Mining 
Grumpy Catz includes a unique, exclusive income-generating social mining utility. Social mining allows holders to get paid NOPE Coins every time their custom NFTs are shared online. 
10% of all NFT sales will go into NOPE Coins liquidity, which will be hosted on Uniswap. Creators will also compete for a weekly bonus. 

The Merch Shop 
The Grumpy Catz merch shop offers over 100 products that Grumpy Catz fans will love. Get an automatic 10% discount when holding a Grumpy Catz NFT. 
All profits generated by the merchandise store will be donated to reputable animal welfare charities. 

Metaverse Grumpy Pets 
Grumpy Catz NFT collaborates with Petaverse in Decentraland to provide you with a virtual Grumpy Petz to accompany you on your virtual adventures.

Our mission is simple: to put a smile on grumpy pets worldwide. We will donate 100% of all profits from the merchandise store to reputable animal welfare charities.

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