Dr. James S. Lewis II, Antibiotic Susceptibility Test Expert, Joins as Chair of Selux Diagnostics' Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. Lewis, PharmD, FIDSA, is one of the preeminent experts in antibiotic stewardship and susceptibility testing (AST). He brings a wealth of knowledge to Selux as the company transforms infectious diseases clinical care and preserves the lifesaving power of antibiotics with its Next Generation Phenotyping (NGP) platform.

BOSTON, Oct. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Selux Diagnostics, a biotech startup in Boston whose mission is to combat superbug infections and antimicrobial resistance (AMR), announced today that Dr. James S. Lewis, PharmD, FIDSA, has joined as Chair of its Clinical Advisory Board. Through its proprietary NGP technology, Selux strives to deliver personalized therapies to infected patients and end the current overreliance on broad-spectrum antibiotics. 

"Dr. Lewis brings an invaluable perspective to Selux as our company moves to expand into its commercial stage," said Steve Lufkin, CEO of Selux. "Dr. Lewis is the perfect fit to chair Selux's Clinical Advisory Board as our company works to transform patient care by redefining speed in AST."

Dr. Lewis has received numerous honors and awards for his work in antibiotic susceptibility testing, identifying and addressing mechanisms of drug resistance, antibiotic/antifungal utilization, and the optimal integration of rapid microbiology diagnostics in antibiotic stewardship. He is currently the Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator and Associate Professor Department of Medicine - Division of Infectious Diseases at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Additionally, he is the Co-Director of Antibiotic Stewardship. He also serves as an adult infectious disease clinical pharmacist for OHSU, the Chair of the CLSI Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Subcommittee, and a member of the editorial board for Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Selux Diagnostics is revolutionizing AST to combat the global threat of AMR. Experts predict that without a significant change in today's treatment options, deaths from superbugs will surpass deaths from cancer by 2050. Selux is confronting this global health crisis head-on by redefining the speed and performance of AST, the key diagnostic test that determines personalized antibiotic therapy.

"There is a significant need for faster AST results for all patients to improve care and drive antibiotic stewardship. I believe Selux's Next-Generation Phenotyping is uniquely capable of meeting these needs, and I'm honored to guide the clinical advisory board," said Dr. Lewis. "It's exciting to be involved with the next big leap in antibiotic susceptibility testing. Improving the time to AST results, as well as having an expanded panel of drug susceptibilities available quickly, markedly improves a patient's chances of clinical success and allows for continued improvement in our use of antibiotics."

Selux's proprietary NGP technology uniquely provides targeted therapy results days faster than the current standard of care, delivering actionable results to personalize infectious diseases patient treatment and protect the efficacy of antibiotics. Dr. Lewis will contribute significantly to the mission to revolutionize patient care and antibiotic stewardship. 

Caution - The Selux platform is an Investigational Device, Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use

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Selux Diagnostics is transforming patient care by accelerating the selection of personalized antimicrobial therapy for all Infectious Disease patients. This advance will save lives, shorten hospital stays, and combat the growing antibiotic resistance epidemic by decreasing the overuse of broad-spectrum agents. Learn more at seluxdx.com.

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