MetaversusWorld Announces Partnership and Successful Integration with Ready Player Me

MetaversusWorld, a web3 hyper-realistic and interactive, persistent virtual multiverse, has announced its new partnership and successful integration with Ready Player Me

London, UK,

London, UK, Oct. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MetaversusWorld, a web3 hyper-realistic and interactive, persistent virtual multiverse, has announced its new partnership and successful integration with Ready Player Me, an avatar platform for the metaverse that allows users to explore virtual worlds with one consistent identity. With this integration, MetaversusWorld citizens will be able to access all the benefits of Ready Player Me including the most realistic and fun avatar customisation possible. This is an addition to MetaversusWorld’s native Digital Twin avatar feature, and players will be able to seamlessly switch between a “privacy avatar” (robot-looking), Digital Twin avatar (their very own physical traits in digital form), and their Ready Player Me avatar.

MetaversusWorld is dedicated to providing users with the most realistic and interactive web3 experience, with several closed Alpha worlds such as MetaCity Hall, FashionVerse (with its very own longest catwalk in the metaverse), WildWestVerse, and AutoVerse. Built on UnrealEngine5 and EVM, MetaversusWorld has stood out from the competition by creating hyper realistic graphics for meta-brands and digital consumers to interact with and this ties into its partnership with Ready Player Me.

As the management of MetaversusWorld explains, it is a top priority for them to offer very realistic in-metaverse graphics for players and this is at the core of its operations.

Customers become digital consumers, and citizens, who benefit from stunningly realistic avatars (Digital Twins, as well as fun integrations such as Ready Player Me), photo realistic environments, multiple worlds hence multiple entertainment avenues with circular economies that reward the player for their engagement and exploration time. We’re here to build and deliver the multiverse you deserve as a brand and as a digital consumer.” - Roxana Nasoi, interim CMO at MetaversusWorld.

Ready Player Me, on its part, is a top avatar platform used in the metaverse, having been leveraged by hundreds of projects thus far. Notable partners include SideQuest, Spatial, and Animaze. With the ability to customize and export your avatar, MetaversusWorld citizens are about to have their metaverse experience made even more immersive and interactive.

“We are excited to see Ready Player Me avatars make it to MetaversusWorld, providing limitless customization options for its users and adding to the existing avatar selection. MetaversusWorld is yet another experience to join us on the mission of building an open and interoperable metaverse.” – said Timmu Tõke, Co-Founder & CEO of Ready Player Me.

A real circular economy powered by MetaversusWorld’s own native currency and NFT membership. CitizenNFTs allow access to exclusive and custom experiences that brands create for their digital consumers, rewards, quests, gamification and point-engine systems, as well as e-commerce (meta-commerce) features spread across the built-in NFT marketplace and the virtual worlds. A true circular economy where you can buy, trade, bid, and exchange digital assets and digital currencies.

For brands that want to get a piece of the billion-dollar metaverse space, MetaversusWorld offers custom brand solutions. From creating a web3 presence that stands out to advertising to customers in a whole new environment, MetaversusWorld is the go-to brand solutions expert. As more companies enter web3, they will need guidance on developing avatars and visuals that engage and growing a community in which MetaversusWorld specializes.

In the next few months, MetaversusWorld will be focused on launching its Alpha gameplay as well as its marketplace to the world. More details about these will be made public as the launch dates approach.

About MetaversusWorld

Founded in 2021 on UnrealEngine5 and EVM, MetaversusWorld is a web3 hyper-realistic and interactive, persistent virtual multiverse. Serving both B2B brands and digital consumers, MetaversusWorld is the premium web3 platform with its native currency and own circular economy.

The platform will be available as a downloadable client in Q4 2022, with Pixel Streaming available for premium B2B clients, and aims to become the home for meta-brands, NFT enthusiasts, players, and digital consumers looking for immersive experiences.

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Name: Roxana Nasoi, CMO



Location: London, UK

Company : MetaversusWorld