Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first-ever B2B conference in the metaverse, The Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference & Expo, has finalized its speaker list, and it’s an all-star cast you won’t want to miss.  

Opening the conference is Tommaso Di Bartolo with his session “Metaverse Discovery.” Author of “Navigating the Metaverse,” Di Bartolo is a veteran startup entrepreneur with four, from-scratch builds and two exits under his belt. “You don’t play in the metaverse, you live in the metaverse,” he said. Di Bartolo’s session will discuss the incredible opportunities for players, creators, and businesses in the metaverse, redefining engagement and creating new revenue streams.

Other speakers and sessions include a Mike Schaiman (CEO of Gen City Labs)-led panel about the future of live events in the metaverse and a fireside chat with (13-year-old programmer and non-fungible tokens creator of the Weird Whales collection) Benyamin Ahmed. 

Mike Johns, tech industry trailblazer from Tech with Soul, will lead a discussion of the opportunities in the metaverse for BIPOC companies. "Tech With Soul has been at the forefront and ushered in Web 3 workshops and education to the BIPOC community. We are pleased to work with Metaverse Spectrum as they share our vision of an inclusive creator economy returning power to individual users.”

Closing out the conference is Jon Fisher, CEO of ViciNFT, speaking about NFT securities. Fisher is a serial entrepreneur who has had multiple exits—including to companies like Oracle—in his career, and is also an author, speaker, philanthropist, and inventor. ViciNFT is dedicated to the common good, offering donations from its sales of NFTs to offset carbon. “The boon of NFTs is the birthright of the latest generation (like the Dot-Com era was to my generation). NFTs deserve an enterprise quality, best-practice approach,” Fisher said. In addition to detailing the promise of NFTs and best practices, Fisher will explore issues including NFTs as password access to Zoom calls and treating tokens as securities.

The full list of speakers is available here. The Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference & Expo is October 25, 2022.


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